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Auntie riled by Cosplayer’s Underboob (Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill) at the Anime Festival Asia 2013

This thread had been going on in the EDMW forums for quite awhile and I totally forgot to write about it since the other Janice Leong Blogger saga was so huge and I was so busy reading up on it. This has also been published on Yahoo Newsroom.

Anyway, if you didn’t hear about  it, apparently there was an huge incident at the Anime Festival Asia 2013 in Singapore last weekend where an auntie angrily confronted a cosplayer for her revealing costume as seen below:

The cosplayer above was dressed as Ryuko Matoi from the anime, Kill la Kill in her battle gear.

As you can see above, the auntie had called in the police after the cosplayer and her had a huge argument over the costume but luckily no one was arrested. Still, this apparently left the poor girl in tears. Also, according to EDMW-ers, the auntie was attending the CHC service at Suntec and was offended by the cosplayer’s costume.

If you think that’s revealing, then what about this guy dressed at Hentai Kamen at the same event that day? LOL

Credits: justln (EDMW)

EEYUCKKKK to the above!

Okay, and here’s a cute anime kitty gif after the horror above:

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