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7 MUST EAT Food in Jakarta for first timers!

Headed to Jakarta for the first time and unsure what to eat? Well, here’s a list of 7 MUST EAT food that you should try during your trip!

#1 – Bebek Goreng


I’m sure you’ve eaten a number of ayam goreng (fried chicken) in Singapore but what’s more known in Jakarta will be the bebek goreng (Indonesian style fried duck)! Almost everywhere will have bebek goreng on their menu so you don’t need to worry about where you can try it! Best eaten with hands! I ate this dish at Little Ubud at PIK(: 😜

#2 – Bakmi Ayam


One must try noodles in Jakarta is the bakmi ayam / mie ayam, the Indonesian style noodles usually topped with diced chicken meat! I tried mine at Bakmi GM at the airport!(:

#3 – Nasi Padang


Nasi padang traces back its origins from Padang City in Sumatra and is a MUST try in Jakarta! Go to a large scale padang restaurant to try the “hidang” serving style where you will be served with an array of over 10-14 dishes with rice! You don’t need to eat/try everything, just eat what you want and only pay for what you’ve eaten! The beef rendang is a MUST try! I tried my nasi padang at RM Sinar Minang (:

#4 – Traditional Ice Cream


Ever wanted to try traditional and preservative free ice cream that has been around in Jakarta ever since 1932? Then try out the famous ice cream from Ragusa Es Italia! This is super popular in Jakarta and a great way to beat the heat! Order their bestseller which is their spaghetti ice cream!(:

#5 – Bakso


Bakso is an Indonesian beef meatball soup! We tried a taste of it at Bakmi GM together with our bakmi ayam. Taste is actually pretty similar to our usual meatballs in Singapore – except the bakso is usually much bigger!

#6 – Sate


Yes it looks like our usual satay in Singapore but in Indonesia, their version of sate is slightly different! Notice the absence of the usual peanut sauce? Not all places serve the sate with sauce – I tried both versions (with sauce/no sauce)! They tend to have a variation of meat other than the usual chicken or pork – we tried the lamb and beef sate from Sate Maranggi and another sate from JW Marriott. Tastes better with the sauce imo lol!

#7 – Martabak


There are 2 types of martabak choices to order at most martabak stores – sweet or savory! I tried both and I preferred the sweet version! The ingredients inside the martabak depends; for my sweet version – it was with chocolate and cheese, plus loads of condensed milk and butter, super oily and sinful! The savory type is like our spring onion pancakes; albeit oilier lol! Best shared as the portion is HUGE! Tried mine from a roadside store called Martabak Bangdung Sekat Arum if Im not wrong!

Of course other than these 7 MUST EAT food that you should try in Jakarta, there are plenty of others that I have not mentioned! Well, I did have limited stomach space and we were only there for a couple of days! 😂😂 In general, you can find most of these food everywhere in Indonesia other than Jakarta actually (:

Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you have any other recommendations!(:

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