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5 Comments on “Blogger Demands Free Haircut, Threatens to Destroy Reputation? – Yeah, that saga

  1. Hey mitsukei! 🙂

    “an empty threat meant to force the owner, Conrad to comply with her demands for a free hair sponsorship”

    I actually meant “an empty threat meant to force the owner, Conrad to reply as her deadline was approaching”.

    Still dodgy but two very different things! And what’s all over the news is actually the wrong thing. She was extorting a reply not a free haircut. Well she did want a free hair cut but she did not make a threat over that, it was the reply she was after.

  2. I also had an incredibly unpleasant experience with Janice with the company I work for. Not only did she not follow through with even half of what she initially proposed, but some of the products she was given were never blogged about at all. Not to mention her lack of tastefulness when promoting a brand. Since she did not come through completely, I requested she bring the articles back and not continue with the blogging, however she distastefully told me she would not.

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