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Sun Ho vs Serina Wee

So, everyone’s talking about the City Harvest Church Trial that has been going on the last few days. But for once, I won’t be posting about what you already know about the trial nor my thoughts. Instead you can read it here on STOMP, Yahoo (loads of different links) and all the other major news sites and make your own judgement.

Instead, I shall do up a short post showcasing the photos of two main female leads involved in the City Harvest Church Trial case whom I find is wayyyy more interesting – especially for the guys I know.


1. Sun Ho (Ho Yeow Sun)

Credits: Diva Asia
Credits: Vinyarb.com
Credits: Elle Magazine
Credits: Transitioning.org
Credits: Heartlandsmack Blogspot
Credits: Transitioning.org
Credits: Stomp
Credits: Xin Msn

Oh and btw, have you heard of Sun Ho’s China Wine?

Sun – China Wine

Oh and this version too!

Moon Horfun – Chinatown Wine

Okay, now introducing the second star…

2. Serina Wee Gek Yin


Serina Wee GIFs for you guys out there, taken from New Nation:

Then for the guys who want to see that awesome hair flick in slow-mo:

Normal Photos:

Credits: EDMW Singapore Facebook
Credits: EDMW
Credits: EDMW
Credits: Channelnewsasia
Credits: Straits Times
Credits: Straits Times
Credits: Citynews.sg
Credits: AsiaOne
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Credits: Today Online
Credits: Today Online

Let’s end off by doing a face to face comparison using my trusty Collage maker. Was so difficult to find a picture of Sun Ho’s face in the recent trial so this would have to do. Probably doesn’t do her (Sun Ho) justice, but well.


You’ll be the judge! 😀

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. LOL!! $26 million obviously cannot buy talent. Based on these videos of her Hollywood “music career”, this woman is a vainglorious laughingstock.

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