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Serina Wee Opens up Blogshop – Missy Stella

If you haven’t heard about it by now, Serina Wee opened up her own blogshop called Missy Stella with her long-time friend Sharon Tan, the church’s finance manager who is also standing trial.

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Ex-finance manager Serina Wee goes into fashion business

She turned up at the Subordinate Courts in one of her shop’s dresses earlier on Monday (Jan 13). Netizens took notice of the white and blue V-neck piece, although a handful remarked how it resembled the uniform of a beer promoter.

The dress retails for $48 on the website, which went live earlier this month.

A black sleeveless dress Wee wore to court yesterday (Jan 14) is also available online for $52.

According to The Straits Times, Wee started the online shop Missy Stella with long-time friend Sharon Tan, the church’s finance manager who is also standing trial.

Wee said the store targets working professionals and women “who want to look and feel good, who expect a certain quality at affordable prices”. Church member and celebrity Jacelyn Tay is a customer.

Wee and Tan, who started the blogshop because of their love for fashion, said some of the clothes are designed by themselves while others are sourced from different parts of Asia.

The blogshop stocks bracelets, denim jackets, printed blazers and dresses in bold and jewel tones, among others. Prices range from $15 for a pair of shorts to under $100 for a jacket or bag.

Credits: STOMP

I think the blogshop site must be FLOODED with traffic at the moment with many people hoping that she’s the model (men) / hoping to dress like Serina Wee and emulate her style (women) / just checking out her site (kaypohs like me).

But anyway sorry to disappoint, Serina Wee is NOT the apparel model – here’s a screenshot of some of the apparels available. And yes, some are already sold out.


You got to admit – she is one very very very smart business woman.

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