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City Harvest Kong Hee | Historic Moment as God Says Sorry to Kong Hee – WHAT THE?

Just saw a video trending on Youtube and on my friends’ newsfeed at the moment. Yes, City Harvest is back in the news!


Watch the video HERE:

Historical Moment as God Says ‘Thank You (and Sorry) for Going Through This Alone
Previous Title: Historic Moment as God Says Sorry to Kong

“‘Father, Father, why, my God, my God, why have you forsaken me and thrown me to the dogs?'” he was recorded as saying, after relating the experience of Jesus Christ on the cross at his crucifixion and sharing that he identified with that kind of suffering.  For the first time in eight months, God, I heard Him cry. And he said ‘My son, Kong, thank you. Thank you for going through this. I need you to go through this alone, so that you and City Harvest Church can be the man and the ministry I call it to be. I’m so sorry, but you need to go through this by yourself, to bring a change to your generation,” Kong said

Applause was heard from the congregation, and Kong continued, “I hear God saying for the first time in eight months, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you’. Waves upon waves of God’s love, the love of the father just saturated me… and I know everything’s going to be all right. Everything is going to be all right.”

Kong Hee, City Harvest Church

As taken from Yahoo Newsroom:

Video of City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee’s sermon ignites online outrage

City Harvest Church founder and senior pastor Kong Hee has found his way in controversy again — this time for a comment he made in what appeared to be a sermon to the Singapore mega-church’s congregation. In a video posted on YouTube by user anointedforworship on Sunday, Kong, who is accused of misappropriating church building funds, claimed that God apologised to him. It is not clear when Kong delivered the sermon in question, but the news that he and five other church leaders were being investigated for embezzlement broke in June last year.


Reaction to the video was overwhelmingly negative. Since the video was first uploaded on Sunday, it was thumbed down 750 times, compared to less than 30 thumbs up, and received more than 230 comments, most of them scathing. Raising particular ire was Kong’s seeming suggestion that God apologised to him for his having to endure the challenges of past months, during which court charges for misappropriation of funds were made against the six accused.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom

My comments? Well..just this:

Kong Hee: Drama Level 100000%

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