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Serina Wee Opens up Blogshop – Missy Stella

If you haven’t heard about it by now, Serina Wee opened up her own blogshop called Missy Stella with her long-time friend Sharon Tan, the church’s finance manager who is also standing trial. {This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I forgot to schedule it! ><} Ex-finance manager Serina Wee goes into fashion business She …

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Sun Ho’s website hacked by ‘The Messiah’

Spotted on STOMP: Sun Ho’s website hacked by ‘The Messiah’ Sun Ho’s personal website has been vandalised by a hacker who signed off as ‘The Messiah’. In place of the singer’s photos and blog posts, the site now displays a long message directed at  the singer, the wife of City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee. The …

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Sun Ho vs Serina Wee

So, everyone’s talking about the City Harvest Church Trial that has been going on the last few days. But for once, I won’t be posting about what you already know about the trial nor my thoughts. Instead you can read it here on STOMP, Yahoo (loads of different links) and all the other major news sites …