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mitsueki’s First Vlog (Audio Only) // Looking Beyond The Surface

Update: I did a real vlog here. Yes with me inside ~_~


I decided to try out a different style instead of just writing my blog post this time round. So I recorded it on Youtube (Audio ONLY). You can choose to listen or read, whichever you prefer(:

So you prefer to read huh? So go on(:

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
Don’t take things or a person at face value

Haven’t we all learnt that from school, parents, friends and life in general?

But why then, do we keep doing the opposite?

If I were posed this question, I would say that it’s partly attributed to our human naturewe’re all naturally judgmental unless we do something about it. Oh and if you’ve been following my blog, you must be wondering why I suddenly brought this topic up again. So yes, if you do a search on my blog, I did write a rant about judgmental crap before HERE.

Anyway, the reason for writing this again this time round is because of a recent Whatsapp conversation with a couple of my friends this morning about well, guys and a patricular someone.

So, first of all, it’s a matter of fact that most guys – (and note I’m not saying all guys) tend to go for girls who are well, pretty or average at the most. And honestly, you rarely find guys who actually go for fat/plump/overly tall/ugly girls, etc and vice versa of course. Even if you see such a couple together, I mean really, deep down you will be thinking, eww, why did he or she choose such a person to date? 

And yes, I do admit that I do that too sometimes, and I know that is so wrong of me to think that way. And the reason is because I judged and looked at just the surface instead of looking beyond that. It’s a, habit that I must learn to break.

I wish that more people would think that way too.

So, a friend of mine said this:

Sometimes being fat/ugly/overly tall etc is like a test for a person to see if they would accept it for who YOU ARE inside.

As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. A pretty person might have the meanest streak while that fat girl over that has the most kind and sweetest nature. But of course, you won’t know that till you actually get to KNOW that person.

This is because HONESTLY, if you’re a guy, who would you want to get to know more?

The pretty and slim girl on the left, or that fat girl on the right?

I’m pretty sure that at least 90% of guys would choose the left.

Don’t deny it.

Anyway, today’s Whatsapp conversation also revolved around a particular dear friend of mine, whose name shall not be revealed. But let’s just call her..Sakana.

Sakana is this lovely awesome crazy and quirky girlfriend of mine whom friends and I love dearly. We think that she deserves an awesome guy in life as well. But the thing is, not a single guy has ever looked at her as potential girlfriend material. EVER. And that just makes me really sad about it. And I know she is too.

What broke my heart was when I accidentally stumbled onto her blog through a link post of one of my old blogs recently. She penned down her true feelings regarding this issue and it’s really disturbing to read.

This is because on the surface, she is always this bright, cheerful and happy go lucky personwho is always there for you. Plus, we always joke and rib about her single status, and she would just laugh it off as if it doesn’t matter or she doesn’t give a damn about it.

And we would always take it at face value.

Why didn’t I notice this over the years?

You know, sometimes, I wish that I never stumbled onto her blog, so that I can remain oblivious to this fact. But really, I’m thankful that I did because I finally know her true thoughts and feelings which she generally doesn’t reveal too often.

Deep down, everyone wants to be loved.
But not everyone has the opportunity unless we give it to them.

By looking beyond the surface and not judge a book by it’s cover.
It’s just that simple.

And to Sakanayou know you are. If you do read this blog post, I just want to tell you this:

You are a gorgeous lovely person, both on the OUTSIDE and INSIDE as well. Your dimple is cute, you have a nice smile, you can dance well, you have nice long gorgeous legs like a model. Oh and you’re the sweetest and nicest person I know who is always there for me. I know you bake great stuffso please bake me muffins someday. And there’s so much more I can say about you. Hehe, and I love your weird little quirks too.

Most importantly, don’t ever give up on love because someday, that person is going SEE and fall in LOVE with who YOU ARE and you’re going to fall back happily in love, have babies, and be a happily married auntie. And of course, I’ll be there along the way.

Lastly, I love youas a friend of course.
And I’m never giving up on you

Basically, that’s it.
Thanks for reading this post, I hope it did make some sense.

And sorry there are no pictures for this particular post >_<

Till later
♥ mitsueki

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