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India Gang Rape Victim Passes Away // The Unfair Injustice

This morning I woke up to some depressing news. Did you hear about it?

We are very sad to report that the patient passed away peacefully at 4:45 a.m. (2045 GMT Friday) on 29 Dec 2012,” AFP quoted Kelvin Loh, the chief executive of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, as saying in a statement on Saturday.

If you’re not sure what happened, do read my previous blog post:
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Indian Rape Victim

According to this article HERE, this was what happened:

She was headed home after an evening of movie and fun with a friend two Sundays ago when they spotted a bus plying illegally on Delhi’s roads. After watching the movie in Saket in south Delhi, they had reached Munrika, also in south Delhi, where the private bus was parked by a road. It was late evening on Dec 16.

The crew told them they were headed to Dwarka in west Delhi. It was a lie. The unsuspecting couple had no reason to disbelieve them. The bus with tinted windows and curtains was under the control of a group of men with criminal mindset, the driver and conducted included. During the day, the bus ferried school students. At night, the owner left the bus with the crew, unmindful of what they did.

Unknown to the young couple, the men on board the bus had sometime earlier robbed a man of money and dumped him. He went to police, who did not take his complaint seriously. It was the second blunder of the day that was to lead to a horrific crime that stunned and shamed India.

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Hospital staff carry the body of the Indian gang-rape victim to the police morgue vehicle at the Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore on December 29, 2012. The 23-year-old woman died Saturday in Singapore after suffering severe organ failure, the hospital treating her said, in a case that sparked widespread street protests over violence against women. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Sedated to prevent the pain from being felt by her damaged brain and tortured innards, a ventilator machine performing the work for her lungs, surrounded by her parents, two brothers and senior staff of the Indian High Commission, the 23-year-old, who cannot be named, died at 4.45am Singapore time on Saturday without opening her eyes on the island.

The hearse carrying the Indian gang-rape victim is seen parked outside, while her body is being embalmed at a funeral parlour in Singapore on Dec 29, 2012. The Hindu Casket hearse carrying the 23-year-old Indian gang rape victim left its Geylang Bahru premises at 8.50pm. — PHOTO: REUTERS

The tragedy of that decision is being felt not just in India, but in Singapore and around the world.At the Indian High Commission on Grange Road, walking distance to the hospital, lines of people began to form as the news spread, some just to huddle for silent comfort, others to sign a condolence book that had not yet been opened.

The dead woman flew home on Saturday afternoon in the comfort that her father, a lowly cargo hand in New Delhi airport, could never have afforded – a chartered flight that flew from India to fetch her back. As happens too often in India, the official machinery that proved so woefully inadequate to protect her life was in abundance after her trauma and death.

People light candles during a prayer ceremony for the gang-rape victim in Kolkata on Dec 29, 2012. — PHOTO: REUTERS

Thanks to the power of India’s media, the passing has become a cathartic event. In the Delhi hospital where she was initially treated, the queues to see even the junior-most doctor can be long.

The Indian government, under pressure of public opinion, deployed the best specialists to treat her.

Indian Rape Victim sent to Mt Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore

When that wasn’t enough, she was flown to Singapore with a blank cheque to the hospital, rooms at the Mandarin Orchard for her family and the force of Indian diplomacy at her service. The Indian government is under fire from some doctors for its decision to send the battered girl here.

Going by the torrent of questions on the issue faced by Indian High Commissioner TCA Raghavan yesterday, the sub-text is that New Delhi somehow passed the responsibility to Singapore. That may be a trifle unfair to Dr Manmohan Singh, himself the father of three girls.

In the Indian woman’s instance, she was simply too far gone for medical science to revive her.

Credits: Ravi Velloor, Foreign Editor /
Full Article Credits: The Straits Times HERE

My tears come unbidden at the sheer injustice of this woman’s death. She was an innocent student studying her diploma in physiotherapy when the tragedy struck on 16th December by the 6 inhumane beasts who after the rape, as quoted from THIS article:

“Went their several ways, ate, drank, watched TV, washed blood off the bus floor as though it were the day’s soil, and reported for work as usual the next morning.” 

According to the same news article, she had scribbled a note to her family when she was still conscious:

Mujhe bacha lo, mein jeena chahti hoon
(Save me, I want to live)

It really showed her fighting spirit and will to live on.
But alas, it was not meant to be.

As mentioned in my previous blog post hereher intestines had to be removed and she had to go through over 3 abdominal operations and suffered a heart attack from the day she was admitted into hospital in India on the 16th of December.

Looking at the bright side, at least right now:
She’s in a better place where she no longer has to suffer in pain anymore.
May she rest in eternal peace

But will her death be in vain?I think not

Members of an NGO called Aastha protest following the rape of a 23-year-old woman, raped and brutalized by six men on Dec. 16 in a moving bus in New Dehli. The victim died in a Singapore hospital early Saturday. Punit Paranjpe/AFP/Getty Images

Her case brought light to the world about several things in India:
1. The cruel rape culture and the high level of crime cases towards women

Data provided by India’s National Crime Records Bureau show about 24,200 cases of rape and 228,650 cases of crimes against women were reported in 2011. United Nations figures show 1.8 cases of rape for every 100,000 in India, compared with 63 in Sweden, 29 in the U.K. and 27 in the U.S. Most instances of rape go unreported in India. (Credits: Here)

2. The inefficiency of the justice system

It typically takes years for ordinary Indians to get justice because of a slow-moving legal process and overburdened courts. Long-running trials and lax enforcement of laws have also fueled protests in the nation’s capital. About 63,342 cases were pending in the Supreme Court as of July 31, of which 67 percent have been on the roll for more than a year, government data show. (Credits: Here)

3. The hypocrisy of some of the political parties

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) study was released on Thursday as political parties lined up to condemn the rape of the 23-year-old woman, which has triggered widespread protests against how women are treated in India.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the ruling Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi and opposition MPs have condemned the savage assault last Sunday but the ADR said many Indian parties fielded candidates who were facing rape accusations.

Since 2007, political parties gave tickets to 20 rape accused to fight in state elections. This is shocking and requires urgent action,” Jagdeep Chhokar, the founder of ADR, said.

The politicians who come out to condemn rape are the ones who are openly giving the rape accused a chance to fight elections. This is hypocrisy,” he told AFP.

The report stated that political parties had also given tickets to 260 men who were charged with other crimes against women, including molestation. (Credits: Here)

Demonstrators hold placards as they take part in a protest rally in solidarity with a rape victim from New Delhi in Mumbai (Reuters)
Zero tolerance for violence against women
Protesters fighting off tear guns, water cannons from Indian police
Policewomen detain a demonstrator near the presidential palace during a protest rally in New Delhi December 22, 2012. Indian police used batons, tear gas and water cannon to turn back thousands of people marching on the presidential palace on Saturday in intensifying protests against the gang-rape of a woman on the streets and on social media. Image by: ADNAN ABIDI / REUTERS

Her case and death had sparked off days long protests and street demonstrations in India who demanded more to be done to protect the safety of women in India.

Indian students and teachers hold candles and placards as they take part in a candle march in Ahmadabad, India, Saturday.(Photo: Ajit Solanki, AP)
Protesters shield themselves as Indian police beat them with sticks during the protests Photo: AP

This in turn has led their Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to say that he would investigate the crime and fix lapses in the current police forces. He also pledged to consider tougher penalties for sex crimes.

An Indian schoolgirl holds a placard during a prayer ceremony to mourn the death of a 23-year-old gang rape victim, at a school in Ahmadabad, India, on Saturday. / Ajit Solanki AP

After her death today, the Indian police has charged the 6 men with murder and according to New Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat, he said the six face the death penalty if convicted.

An Indian demonstrator (shouts slogans at the police during a protest calling for better safety for women. Photo: AFP

Do you think this is enough?

Till later,
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