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Blatant Advertorial 2 – GlamPuss Collection 2: Handcrafted

I’m back with the thick skin to do yet another blatant advertorial for GlamPuss.

Yes, and I am proud to proclaim that:

Collection 2: Handcrafted is now launched today, 27 November 2012 at 12 noon at:!new-in/c5wy

Yay! Launched!(:

This is the first of our GlamPuss Handcrafted Series. And if you were wondering what’s that, refer here as taken from our website.

3. The Handcrafted Collection
A standalone collection featuring only the GlamPuss Originals and Love for Fabric accessories.

That’s right! So this collection will be featuring my GlamPuss Originals – Whimsical Swirls in several different colors as well as our collaborative partner – Love For Fabric Clip On Earrings in several designs! All our items are handcrafted with by us (mitsueki & Rachel), thus the name, so they are really unique pieces(:

Best of all, for Singapore buyers, it comes with FREE normal mail(only valid for Collection 2)! Don’t worry, we also offer International shipping (with tracking number) as well, but do understand that it will be more expensive(:

So if you are a person who loves unique and one of a kind necklaces, why not take look at our Whimsical Swirls?

Whimsical Swirls
Specially handcrafted mini whimsical swirls rosettes in myriad colors. This delicate piece can be attention grabbing but yet still retaining a tinge of elegance and beauty. A must-get mini statement piece for any occasion – work, play or anything!

Each rosette measures about 1.3-1.7cm in diameter and are glued together firmly and backed by felt. Suspended on a 16 inch silver plated necklace with an spring ring.

Whimsical Swirls (Blue) // SGD 15.70
Whimsical Swirls (Brown-Grey) // SGD 17.70
Whimsical Swirls (Grey) // SGD 17.70
Whimsical Swirls (Pink-Black) // SGD 17.70
Whimsical Swirls (Brown-White) // SGD 17.70
Whimsical Swirls (Yellow) // SGD 15.70

For more detailed photos on each piece, visit:
Our Website
Our Facebook Album

Or if you are a person who doesn’t have pierced ears, then our Love For Fabric clip on earrings are the perfect choice for you! Be rest assured, they do not hurt when worn(:

Enchanted Rose (Clip-Ons) // SGD 6.70

Intricate clay rose in Amaranth Pink, set on a metal snap closure. Oh so feminine! Measurement: 1.2cm in diameter. Lightweight.

Adorable Kitty (Clip On) // SGD 6.70

Brighten up your day with this pair of resin hello kitty clip on earrings!
Measurement: 1.2cm (Height) x 0.8cm (Width). Lightweight

Tea Rose (Button Clip On) // SGD 5.70

Made with gorgeous fabric buttons (2 cm diameter) and a metal clip on at the back. Comes in 2 different fabric designs – blue and pink.

Secret Garden (Button Clip On) // SGD 5.70

For more detailed photos on each piece, visit:
Our Website
Our Facebook Album

So what are your views on GlamPuss’s Collection 2: Handcrafted?
I hope that you have found our designs appealing(:

If you wish to order, please click HERE!

If you have any enquiries, drop me an email at
Shop here:

Thank you so much for reading!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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