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GlamPuss Originals Projects & Experiments 1

So I wrote in my first blog post, The Dream as seen here:

So with 0 experience or whatsoever, I decided to embark on my handicraft journey. I read, watched, breathed, followed tutorials which I thought were within my capabilities. And to my surprise, I realized that I have developed an interest in making them! I finally understood what it’s like making handcrafted stuff and it IS interesting and fun to do so. Wanna see a few stuff that I’ve made so far? Hehe, well wait! I’ll slowly post them up!(:

As promised, let me show you the first few handicraft projects that I experimented on. There were some things that were a success, and obviously – failures.

My FIRST handicraft

The first experiment is this weird blob like thingy with eyes. It was an experiment where I tried to needle felt with this DIY kit from Daiso for $2. It looked pretty simple, but seriously, I just failed totally at this.

If you were wondering, it was supposed to be an elephant. LOL, can’t tell right? But I couldn’t even needle felt the body properly so I gave up on the other smaller parts. It was a failure but I still tried to save it by giving it eyes and attaching a chain to it. Tadaa, my first keychain! Now it belongs to the boyfriend – the only person who wants it 🙁

Hand sewn heart made from felt and stuffed with cotton

This was my second experiment, a hand sewn heart cut from felt, stuffed with cotton and then sewn together. Poked a little hole with my needle to get the keyring through and tadaa, a mobile handphone strap is done! Again, given to the boyfriend who wanted it.

So far, pretty sad looking experiments/projects so far right? No worries, I moved on from attempting to needle felt and sewing stuff. I’m awful at that those.

So after that, I started looking out for other tutorials on a random basis and one of the most popular item to craft that I found were fabric rosettes. So duh, I tried it as well.

My first rosette

The boyfriend donated his old shirt to me to do this. Then I used like a quarter bottle of craft glue to make it stick. Looks pretty decent right? I quite like it. Have attached an alligator clip to the back to make it a clip instead of a necklace cos it looked rather plain.

Rosette Bib Necklace

After my initial success with the first rosette, I started trying to make more to complete a rosette necklace bib as above. I like the results and have finally completed the necklace. If only there was a way to make look more mm..Idk, fancier? It looks rather plain now but I have bought pearls. Too lazy to beautify it atm. Hurhur

Whimsical Swirls

After making the fabric rosettes, I experimented with another medium – embroidery threads and came up with my own original design –  Whimsical Swirls. My first few pieces were not done really well, but after countless times of practicing, they are much nicer now, and I’ve experimented with a myriad of colors.

My Collection of Completed Whimsical Swirls
See the difference between the Whimsical Swirls in yellow NOW compared to before?(:

Some of the colors like the one above in yellow are currently up for sale on the GlamPuss website here under my GlamPuss Originals label or you can view my advertorial post here.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks into my handcrafted projects(:

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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