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Blogshop Giveaway Hoax – Yes it exists!

There are like 50,000+ blogshops or more in Singapore right now, so it can be said that the market is pretty saturated at the moment. Hence, all the more blogshops should try to differentiate from the rest by at least being sincere and honest don’t you think so? I was just discussing with the boyfriend today about what to put up as my prizes for my upcoming GlamPuss giveaway sometime in early December and I suddenly remembered a blogshop giveaway hoax that I encountered recently.

And yes, this is a rant post.

So first of all, I admit that I am a typical Singaporean – cheapskate, greedy and ‘kiasu’. Okay, okay, or it’s just me, not all Singaporeans are like that. So anyway, I love to join like and share giveaways hosted by blogshops on their respective Facebook pages to try to win the outfit/accessories or whatever that they are giving away. And I’m very sure that you must have at least joined one of them right? *winks* and of course, referring to the girls. Anyway, of course many of the giveaways hosted by the blogshops are real, like they do:

1) They RANDOMLY pick the winners by some sort of randomized manner
2) They DO NOT pick friends or themselves as the winners
3) They DO send you the item that you won as promised

One great example will be Avecre, as seen in my review post recently here where I won an outfit from them as part of their giveaway. Thanks guys!

And YES, I solemnly declare and promise that I do the above too.

So do be rest assured when you join my any of my GlamPuss giveaways. Like recently, I just hosted my first giveaway of 3 pairs of earrings as seen here which initially didn’t have a single like and share, so I changed it up to make sure that there WOULD be winners as I was really sincere about giving them away *blatant self advertisement here*. Also, I have sent out the items as promised to the winners (except for the last who did not reply to any of my messages).

Anyway moving on from my crap and back to the topic – Yes, unfortunately, there are blogshops out there who host giveaways hoaxes, scams, whatever you call it.
For example, take a look at this picture:

Shared Post

So this Agatha person is pretty much shoo in as the winner as she’s the only one who followed the steps of liking and sharing this blogshop’s album right?

Winner Announcement

But wait WHAT?

That’s where I get like totally disgruntled. This person NEVER even shared the album or even LIKED it. And yes, this is a true story and this blogshop exists. Obviously the Agatha person is ME. HAHAHAHAH. No prizes for guessing it right. Oh and if you were thinking – maybe this is a 1 off incident right?

No. It isn’t. If it is, I would have written it off if you get my drift.

But anyway, I’m not revealing which blogshop this is but let’s just say I freely edited the pictures so that it’s not obvious at all to protect their reputation. This is because I’m NOT trying to do anything except rant that there are blogshops out there who don’t show any amount of sincerity or honesty in their practices. And I should have won damnit! Suffice to say, I will NOT purchase from this blogshop EVER and I have unliked their Facebook page because I don’t trust them anymore.

Trust is broken

Extreme? I think not.
Trust is a fragile thing – once broken, it can be very difficult to regain especially so when most blogshops  don’t have a physical storefront where Singaporeans like me can report to CASE and make a big fuss at the shop.

I believe that all blogshops should be ethical, honest or at least sincere in all aspects of their business be it sending out their items as promised after payment is made or even a simple giveaway. All the small things do add up and it affects the consumers’ perception and trust of the shop.

Of course, the majority of the blogshops are fine, but there are always those black sheeps.

So have you encountered any of these giveaway hoaxes too? Feel free to share(:
And thanks for reading my rant(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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