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GlamPuss Originals Projects & Experiments 1

So I wrote in my first blog post, The Dream as seen here: So with 0 experience or whatsoever, I decided to embark on my handicraft journey. I read, watched, breathed, followed tutorials which I thought were within my capabilities. And to my surprise, I realized that I have developed an interest in making them! I …

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First Sale / Sold Out – YAY! And :(

I’m really proud to say that GlamPuss has achieved our FIRST SALE and SOLD OUT item! YAY! It may seem like a small thing but yes, it’s a big deal to me! But then you must be wondering what’s with the 🙁 face right? Well, of course I’m happy that we sold out our first item, …

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Blatant Advertorial 2 – GlamPuss Collection 2: Handcrafted

I’m back with the thick skin to do yet another blatant advertorial for GlamPuss. Yes, and I am proud to proclaim that: Collection 2: Handcrafted is now launched today, 27 November 2012 at 12 noon at: http://shopglampuss.wix.com/home#!new-in/c5wy This is the first of our GlamPuss Handcrafted Series. And if you were wondering what’s that, refer here …

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  In celebration of Black Friday, GlamPuss is hosting our FIRST FLASH SALE!   Get 30% OFF ALL ITEMS! SHOP TODAY: http://shopglampuss.wix.com/home#!new-in/c5wy *Postage not included / 30% off will be reflected in invoice / Not valid in conjunction with any existing promotions / Valid till 25th Nov 2012

GlamPuss, GlamPuss Blatant Advertorials

Blatant Advertorial 1 – GlamPuss Debut Collection 1: Motley

Today, I decided to write a blatant advertorial post for my own online shop – GlamPuss. How totally thick-skinned yes? Lol! So onto my advertorial, *cracks fingers* Introducing GlamPuss Debut Collection 1: Motley, launched on 17 November 2012! What is a motley collection you may ask? Well, as quoted from our website here: 1. The …