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Mobile Air Strikes Again! | Vietnamese tourist kneels and begs his iPhone 6 refund at Sim Lim Square

Wow, Mobile Air has no shame. First, they hit headlines when they refunded a woman $1010 in 5 cent and 10 cent coins (18KG) — and after that he couldn’t justify his actions at all! Now to make it worst, this is the latest news that came in (if you haven’t read about it): Vietnamese tourist kneels …

Other Interesting Reads, Random News, Singapore News

WTH! | Woman gets refund of $1010 in 5 & 10 cent COINS from shop in Sim Lim Square!

Almost all locals know to stay away from Sim Lim Square because there’s a HUGE chance that you will get cheated there; whether you are a local or not. Well, unless you have the time to slowly compare prices..then I guess you may be able to snag a good deal there. So to all visitors to …