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My 3rd Visit Back to Beijing 101 – Onwards to a Healthier and Hair-pier Me in 2019!

I never thought that I would be back at Beijing 101 Hair Consultants (voted as the most effective hair treatment) before 2018 ended, but there I was – BACK for my 3rd visit during December 2018 last year! This time round, the outlet I visited was the newly renovated Century Square outlet instead of the usual NEX outlet which I usually frequent.

Oh and if you are interested, you can read about my previous two visits to Beijing 101 as below:

Beijing 101 Initial Scalp Analysis and Consultation

The first thing that was being done for this day was a scalp analysis and consultation with one of Beijing 101’s hair consultants, Alyssa who attended to me on this day!

To be honest, I was really nervous to see my current hair and scalp condition taking into consideration of my rather unhealthy and workaholic lifestyle at this point of time. Recalling back the last time I did the scalp analysis and what my consultant advised me, all these factors do play a part!

Hehe, all I can say is that I was sheepishly admitting to Alyssa (my consultant) about my sleeping hours (lifestyle) and bad eating habits (diet) while she shook her head at me lol. Indeed, these are the many factors that will affect your scalp condition and even your hair too!

Unfortunately, that bad feeling boded true when I saw my current scalp condition while she did the scalp analysis…

What you are looking at will be clogged pores and a layer of sebum on my scalp. 🙈🙈😭😭

And the dandruff / eczema portion at the base of my scalp is also pretty bad too but I guess we can tackle this problem another time!

Well, after seeing this – now you know why I decided to take a more proactive approach in my health and lifestyle from this year onwards as seen from my 2019 resolutions lol.

Other than the scalp condition, Alyssa also noticed the current condition of my hair in particular – the split ends and dryness, issues that Beijing 101 Hair Consultants can also tackle at the same time on top of caring of your scalp!

Indeed, having healthy hair will enhance your look because it is our crowning glory. As a general note, if you think about – the prerequisite to healthy hair is an equivalent to a healthy scalp!

Oh yes, all these probing questions from the questionnaire, the scalp/hair analysis and sharp observation skills are essential in order for Alyssa to better understand my scalp and hair condition in order to create an effective hair treatment for myself – which I would be going for immediately after the initial consultation!

Having been through this once, I already knew that I would be in good hands with Beijing 101!(:

O² Intense Hydrating Hair Treatment

Here’s a quick rundown of the treatment that I experienced – the first part is very similar to the ones I’ve have already been through before but the other steps are new as this time, I was also doing hair treatments on top of my scalp care!

Here’s my Beijing 101 consultant, Audrey applying my customized scalp mask before I went for a very relaxing hair wash to start things off!

And as always, I snacked a little and drank some warm tea in between. This is the usual service you get at all Beijing 101 outlets for all customers in case you were wondering 🙂

Then the Beijing 101 Total Repair Silky Mask – a deep hydrating protein treatment for my hair/scalp condition (split ends/dandruff/oily scalp) was applied onto my hair. It smelt of ginseng and is rather pleasant smelling to me!

Into the hair steamer it goes after that for about 30 minutes! It was my first time experience with it as I’ve always seen it salons but never really had the experience with it!

Afterwhich, it was another wash – this time with colder water! Audrey did warn me but I did yelp a little because the water was cold and your head/scalp had been nicely warmed up in the steamer before lol.

Due to that, I did appreciate the warm shoulder pad cushion that was given to me right after that because Beijing 101 knew that their customers might feel cold after the wash! How utterly thoughtful!(:

This special Nutri Hydro Repair conditioning solution was then applied to my hair before I went for a blow-dry!

Just to add on that Beijing 101 uses the latest hairdryer technology – the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and it was my first experience with it! All I can say is that they want only the BEST for their customers 🙂

Before my hair was completely dried, this special formula (Beijing 101 Nourishing Lotion) was added on to my scalp!

They have about 26 different bottles meant for different scalp conditions and this particular bottle was selected for my scalp. There was this very minty and methanol feeling while Audrey applied it to my scalp, how refreshing!

One of my favourite parts of the entire treatment will always be the Beijing 101’s signature Meridian Herbal Treatment which I did a very comprehensive coverage in my previous blog post when I dropped by for a second time back in 2017!

As an essential gist, it’s a 20 minute head massage focusing on the acupuncture points on my scalp and you get to choose from the 4 choices available:

  • Overall Well Being
  • Tension
  • Stress
  • Sleeping Disorder

Similar to my previous experience, I once again went for the sleeping disorder one as I was hoping to get a good night’s sleep that night after everything was over!

Ah, that massage felt really good 🙂 Still my favourite part of all!

To end it off, I went for the final blow dry (I have really really thick hair, sorry Audrey!) but I’m glad I had a good time chatting with Audrey as well during my whole experience as she was so friendly!

Finally, we have the Infra-Red Treatment which helps to tighten scalp and hair follicles, nourish dry and brittle hair to finish this treatment off at Beijing 101!(:

More importantly, I headed back to the consultation room once again to check on my scalp condition immediately after all my scalp/hair treatments were done!

BEFORE & AFTER Beijing 101 Scalp and Hair Treatment

All I can say is that Beijing 101 hasn’t failed me yet! These are the BEFORE and AFTER photos of my scalp condition after the one time comprehensive treatment – impressive huh?

Blocked pores and that layer of sebum vs CLEANER PORES!

Even for my dandruff issue, it’s much cleaner! But, still bad as it require a much targeted long term treatment to fully get rid of it.

Regardless, looking at the results of just this ONE TIME TREATMENT at Beijing 101 makes me feel a sense of relief that my scalp and hair are in good hands and that there’s improvement!

Overall, I’m very happy and satisfied as always with the care and service provided at Beijing 101 – thank you to Alyssa and Audrey for taking care of me, my hair and my scalp that day(:

Heh, you can see how healthy and glossy and my hair looks in the picture too!

In addition, I was given a take home kit – the Beijing 101 Revitalizing Bliss to continue my hair treatments at home.

What can I say? I think my hair has been looking glossier and healthier than ever! Here’s a fine example taken at my recent media event at Little Sheep Hotpot! Look at how shiny it is!(:

Gotta love my hair – and onwards to a healthier and “HAIR”pier me in 2019, all THANKS to Beijing 101!(:

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Thanks for reading as always!

This post was brought to you by Beijing 101 Hair Consultants but all opinions are of my own!

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