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First day back at work x Back to Back Meetings x Loads of Food (As Always) – 2 Jan 2019

The long break is over and it’s back to work again on 2 Jan 2019! Welcome back to reality!

Let’s just say that I was supposed to sleep early the night before but unfortunately, I got distracted halfway doing some research and crashed at 3 plus instead 😭😭

So officially – I’m surviving on 4 hours plus or less of sleep to start off the workweek. But well, luckily I had sufficient rest over the last few days to make up for it so it’s still okay. For now..

And also, remember I thought I was fine the day after my BounceFit lesson? LOL, I’m starting to feel the effects of the ache on Day 2 instead. Gg, my next lesson would be in 3 days so I had better let my body rest within the next few days.

I believe that over time, once the body is used to the exercise – this will be much better!

Anyway, I know it’s gonna be a crazy crazy busy January but this is gonna be worth it in the end! LEGGGOOOO~

Oh these are the phrases back to work.




That being said – it’s still a fun day overall today even thought it was pretty much back to back meetings all the way!

Mailed out some #mitsuekihappymail 🙂

Le boss brought his mom’s homecooked/roasted char siew for us to try.

Then also plated it for us hahaha. So nice, thanks boss 🙂

First meeting of the day with the boss 🙂

Second meeting at one of our clients, Ramen Nagi and I got to try one of their newly launched ramen – the Truffle King!

Officially crowning it as my FAVOURITE ramen from them because it was so so GOOD! Mushroom lovers like me will definitely love this 🙂

A little hefty on the price tag but worth it for the truffles used 🙂

Moving on to our next client meeting but no photos taken here hehe.

We did make a pitstop to try out the pancakes from Eggs N Things cos they have this weekday lunch special thing going on for $12.90 from 1130am – 5pm.

Best of all, you can top up $4 to get a choice of milkshake/smoothie and the like, very worth it considering the prices on the main menu which I think is really expensive.

What I appreciate? Heinz tomato ketchup and a choice of 3 syrups (maple / coconut / guava) – now that was pretty interesting!

We went for the mixed berry (strawberry and blueberry) smoothie to start off with. Do note that they DO NOT serve free water. If you want free water, you gotta buy the mineral water ya?

Opted for the banana pancakes cos they are pretty famous for them (plus the eggs as well).

Pancakes were expensive though but for $12.90 to try them – okay la. You get 3 pancakes (beautifully brown but tastewise is average) served with a huge generous serving of their famous whipped cream and plenty of bananas.

Verdict? Average.

You can get cheaper and better pancakes elsewhere but it’s still worth a try.

Back to work and it was time for yet another team meeting. Lol I told ya, meetings after meetings for the day 😂😂

Moved on to another location aka one of our new clients onboard with us – TWGF (The Wine Gourmet and Friends) where we dropped by for a tasting (cost borne by the wonderful boss, not our client ah, disclaimer hehe).

It’s good this is done as a real paying customer in a way and we get to taste the food as well. Cos if you haven’t tried the food or been to the restaurant itself – how can you even market the brand/restaurant / give feedback for improvement / even look at the menu reengineering portion right?(:

Lol then of cos we couple food and drinks over work la cos that’s how we roll.

I’m satisfied with the food but there’s always room for improvement that’s for sure 🙂

Quite excited for this brand to be re-launched in a way (under us) so stay tuned for that! But meanwhile, you can always drop by for a visit 🙂

Their desserts are interesting to say the least 🙂

P.s as always if you’re looking for any F&B marketing or consultancy services, drop me a contact note/enquiry and I’ll link you up with the boss! Again, do note that our company only takes in selective brands ya?(:

Of cos I am also open for blogger engagement as well if you are interested (also selective on the brands I work with). :p

Yepyep and to end off the day – it’s back to office again to work. Cos..what else do I do right? 😂


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