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Another New Direction x One of those Long Long Days x Habitat by Honestbee – 3 Jan 2019

It’s a new year and this means loads of new changes ahead!

Here’s one for the year:

I’ve decided that I’m not gonna care anymore about my IG feed. Just gonna post it the way I like it to be. No more waiting for the BEST timing and etc – it doesn’t really matter to me anymore.

Yep, in 2019 – I’m putting myself first above all. And I’m only gonna do the things that make ME happy.

Was initially a little apprehensive about a recent decision but I think that I’m making the right choice as the time passes.

“You can be a good human with a kind heart, and still say NO to things”

A new mantra I recently picked up 🙂

That aside, it was a busy day at work!

Caifan lunch 🙂

Then was off being the errand girl as usual.

On a brighter note – at least I got to try the Heineken 00, an alcohol free beer, now available at one of our clients’ restaurant 🙂

Off to the next stop, a videoshoot with one of our clients as well! Officially launching this particular one very soon (for PR) so it’s quite exciting to see the behind the scenes and witness the concept coming to life!

Hehe. Fine dining mixed with a local Singaporean touch 🙂

Bonus (off the menu) – whipped up on the spot!

Such a pleasure to work with some of our clients! They are too nice 😭

Moving on to our next location right after that and once again, it’s all about food! This is also one of our new clients coming onboard with us but as always – we gotta do the taste test first. Again, expenses from the boss and us as the test testers and such.

It’s also good as I mentioned before because all of us get the general feel of the place, the vibes and the cuisine per se.

Most importantly, this is just the beginning. Guess you can consider this part of market research as well? And yes, there is considerably MUCH room for improvement that’s for sure.

The only downside for now? Man, I just keep eating and eating. Can just feel my waistline expanding just by looking at these pictures haha. Okay, not for long anymore. Determined to hit my fitness and weight goal this year. 🤦😂

Still, thanks boss for the dinner! 🙆

Oh ya, the newly opened Habitat by Honestbee was around the corner so we popped by for a visit then.

Something very annoying is this – you are FORCED to download the Honestbee app in order to even enter in the first place.

Smart move but we were totally protesting against it at the start.

But since we were already there..算了, just download it and enter just to check it out!

It’s basically a hybrid supermarket x food market/courtplace-ish I guess. But they do carry alot of unique brands and things I’ve never really seen before.

We only went in for a quick look when everything was pretty much closed as it was closing time but at a first impression – I love the lounging vibes of the place especially this area here!

Definitely very interesting and worth a visit once to check out. May return again if I’m around the area to chill.

Toilet is really cute too!

Bonus pictures of myself hahaha 😂😂

And the suakus Lol. Okay, myself inclusive hahahahah. That was cool.

Lol and if you think my day ended..? Nope, think again.

It’s one of those fortnightly meetings at 10pm lol. Okay but this night was even later at 1045pm when we started due to some delays.

FINALLY off for the night close to 1am on a cab home. Phew, that was a long day.

Of cos in comparison once again to the boss’s workload, we may have it better in a certain sense. Hurhur, the responsibility of s boss is not easy luhs that much I have to say.

But still. 💁

Thanks for reading as always~

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