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Last Rainy Night // A Random Doodle

So I did another random doodle again, this time featuring the bf.

Notice that my doodles so far are generally depicting real life incidents that do happen do me, or really are just RANDOM doodles for no reason.


My Facebook status from this morning sums up what’s happening in this doodle:

Basically, the bf mistook an umbrella for a dog last night.

He was like look at that dog there – THERE!! It’s just looking at his owner and not moving. But no matter how I tried looking from his angle, I could only see a guy with an umbrella

Then after 5 minutes of his non stop insistence of the existence of the ‘dog’, he finally said:
Oh, that’s an umbrella!

I only have one word for the bf.


And yes, that’s a sneak preview of the food review coming soon in the next post.

Of which restaurant/cafe?

Just wait and see(;
Coming soon tomorrow!

Till later
♥ mitsueki

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