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Affordable Lunches at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) x ThursDate Movie Night Out – 3 Oct 2019

I enjoy dressing up for myself whereby I bother to look good (and feel good) for/about yourself and not for anyone else. What about you? Well, for this day, I threw on a pair of kitten heels which I know I’m gonna regret at the end of the day HAHHAHA, but I think it’s good …

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Joker Movie – A Multi-Liner Review (SPOILERS ALERT)

put on a happy face

I recently caught the Joker movie on its opening day, and as always – here’s a mini liner review of the movie that you never asked for. . . . . . . CAUTION: SPOILERS! . . . . . I like the grittiness of all the scenes What a desolate life and condition to …

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Packed Tuesday x My Heart is so Full Today (and Everyday!) – 4 Sept 2018

It was a very busy day for me on Tuesday and I had a packed schedule most of the time hahaha. So for those wondering how I occupy my time during this unemployment period / adult gap year.. this is for you – well, a chronicle story of ONE of the days in my life …

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Last Rainy Night // A Random Doodle

So I did another random doodle again, this time featuring the bf. Notice that my doodles so far are generally depicting real life incidents that do happen do me, or really are just RANDOM doodles for no reason. My Facebook status from this morning sums up what’s happening in this doodle: Basically, the bf mistook an umbrella …