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Hoshino Coffee Plaza Singapura // Food Review

Oh yeah, it’s another food review post(:
Which is as usual..LONG OVERDUE!

As mentioned in my previous post about the new wing of Plaza Singapura as seen here, there are LOADS of newly opened restaurants! One of the restaurants that I really wanted to try instead of Hifumi was Hoshino Coffee, but the queue seriously put me off the last time I was there.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I relented and decided to just queue. Plus the bf wanted to treat me to something good for making my FIRST OFFICIAL GLAMPUSS SALE on December 21, 2012 (Thanks Glenn!)!(:

Before I start, here’s a little background information about Hoshino Coffee:

Hoshino Coffee (星乃珈琲店 オフィシャルサイト) originates from Japan (duh!) and they are pretty famous for their hand dripped coffee (thus, the logo) as well as their soufflé pancakes.

So I’m really glad that they have opened a branch in Singapore!


Hoshino Coffee // 星乃珈琲店 オフィシャルサイト

And obviously, as a newly opened restaurant, you can expect loads of kiasu and food loving Singaporeans who will queue to try it out! I mean..look at the queue!

Crazy long queue outside Hoshino Coffee
We were right at the back 🙁

The long queue is also partly attributed to the super appealing, attractive and realistic food displays outside the restaurant as you can see below:

For your viewing pleasure
More displays
And more
Yum yes?

But unlike Hifumi (where I complained about the awful lack of restaurant seating management), the host at Hoshino Coffee is EXCELLENT. 

Why do I say so?

While we were queuing, we could see a couple of empty 2 seaters inside the restaurant as seen here:


And oh yeah, who got the table? ;p

Bwahahahahaha X) *big HUGS to the host* // Top from Avecre

Lol, the host spotted us and beckoned us to that table. So we cut through that little area there and tadaa! I swear, the people in front of me were totally staring daggers behind our backs when that happened.

Hee *evil sniggle*

And now, to order our food. First up, the menu!(:

oo looks very coffee based no?
Loads of little tidbits about Hoshino Coffee in the menu
Hoshino Coffee’s Coffee Menu – geddit? x_x
Other drinks if you don’t take coffee – we don’t btw
The famous pancake souffle style
Pot Baked Souffle
Souffle Doria / Pot Baked Curry / Omu Rice & Doria
Spaghetti and Salad // A lil blur
Toast & Sandwich
Some other sweet treats

After debating for an extremely long time, we finally ordered the following:
1. Carbonara
2. Fuwa Fuwa
3. Double Pancake Souffle Style (20 minute wait)
4. Clam Chowder

So while waiting, I was snapping photos of my surroundings like a crazed tourist.

For example – Sugar? Like wut? LOL
Free water and our super shiny cutlery
Magazines Display
Interior – very English/Victorian style?
The waiters have to wear this very English style waiter outfit. Sorry it’s kinda blurry
Coffee Making Area
The bf

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for – photos of the FOOD!

So first up is the clam chowder. On the first appearance, it looks rather watery, but surprisingly, it’s good! You can really taste the flavor and the ingredients are pretty generous as you can see. It also comes with a piece of toast (ala carte SGD 3.80) which was not bad. But I think that the price is on the high side for such a small bowl of soup and just a piece of toast. It was good though.

Clam Chowder with Toast // SGD 6.50

Next is the Fuwa Fuwa Hoshino Souffle! Basically it’s baked rice at bottom topped with souffle.

It’s a fascinating dish, so you can expect loads of photos of it as seen here. I was also waiting for his carbonara to arrive, so what to do – snap photos of this really interesting dish.

Fuwa Fuwa (Hoshino Souffle) // SGD 15.80
With the bf as backdrop!
Souffle foam from the fuwa fuwa
Souffle on top of the fuwa fuwa
Baked rice underneath
After all the souffle on top is eaten, you have this LOL

And now for the bf’s carbonara! And let me tell you. The carbonara was shockingly, the STAR of the night. YES, I liked it better than my Fuwa Fuwa! Why? It’s just..really good! It’s creamy, but not the heavy type – if you know what I mean. And the overall flavor just suits my tastebuds perfectly. And the bf loves it too! Slurped every single strand up!

Carbonara and Fuwa and me
The only disappointment – very little bacon! //  SGD 14.00
Another pic from his angle – the plate’s HUGE btw // SGD 14.00
The bf and his carbonara
Pure unadulterated PLEASURE – I totally LOVE IT

And now finally, onwards to the much RAVED about pancakes souffle style! We had the double pancakes instead of the single as we felt it was more worth it. It’s SGD 9.80 for a single and SGD 12.00 for a double!

And yes, the raves are true about this dish. It is great! If you ask me about the taste – well, basically it’s like eating a 4 layered pancakes from McDonaldsbut fluffier and yummier (and more expensive ;p)!

**Note that it has a 20 minutes preparation time.

Double Pancake Souffle Style (Maple Syrup) // SGD 12.00
SUPER THICK! It’s like a Mcdonald pancake x4 for each piece!
We selected Maple Syrup but you can opt for honey or brown sugar syrup instead as well
The bf
Spreading the butter
With a generous splash of maple syrup
It’s so fluffy I’m going to die!
It was VERY good, VERY soft, AWESOME
And it’s all gone ;p

And now comes the bill! The total amount came to $56.85 which I think isn’t too bad considering that we eat out at Swensons for around that price. It might be a tad pricey to some, but let me tell you this – it’s worth it to splurge on great food! Plus, Hoshino’s Coffee is really a unique place with food that you don’t generally get to eat or see often such as the fuwa fuwa and the pancake souffle style to name a few. And best of all, it tastes great! So it’s not just an overhyped restaurant.

But of course, that’s just my opinion. Yours might differ.

The bill came up to $56.85

Oh and there’s just one other thing that makes Hoshino Coffee stand out from most other restaurantstheir attention to detail and service.

1. There’s this service assistance button at EVERY table. When you press the SERVICE button, within less than 3 minutes, the waiter/waitress would appear. Yes, I pressed it to testand asked for water. Lol

When pressed, a nearby waiter/waitress beeper will go red and vibrate, so that’s why they are alerted of someone who is need of their service. Really a good thing, but poor them! I always see their beeper constantly vibrating!

Service Assistance Button

2. The waiters/waitresses do remember your order! As mentioned, the pancake souffle style takes about 20 minutes of preparation time. Instead of us asking them to start preparing them in the middle of our meal, the waitress came over and ASKED US if we would like it to be prepared! You rarely get this type of service in Singapore! Love it!

3. Overall service is fast and efficient (except the food, cos of the preparation time) but I really must give Hoshino Coffee the THUMBS UP on the EXCELLENT service provided by the HOST and the WAITERS/WAITRESSES!

These things do play a part in whether I would come back to eat at a restaurant or not other than the food. So you can really tell my answer from this post.

Yes, I WILL BE BACKfor the carbonara, to try the pot baked curry and to receive great service.
And I will try the Caesar salad the next time round as well(:

*rubs hands*

It should be good. I’m excited(:

Well, that’s it for this food review.
I hope that it didn’t make you TOO hungry ;p

Till later
♥ mitsueki

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