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Shipping Nightmare

Woahwhee, it’s been a super busy weekend for me. First I attended my company’s D&D on Saturday which ended at about 11.30pm – that’s a whole Saturday gone! Pictures will be up..soon!

Then on Sunday, my initial plan was to sleep in. But then I suddenly remembered with a jolt that I had to a photoshoot for my GlamPuss December Christmas Collection! Busy busy busy bee.

*sobs my weekend…..*

Okay, enough whining.

Well, so over the weekends, I made the decision that I would retain my Wix site instead of switching over to Shopify/Indiemade/etc as mentioned in my previous post here.

Dream Big
Dream Big

I have also decided that I would open a GlamPuss ‘branch’ at either  Etsy or Storenvy – the 2 biggest social marketplace at the moment in order to get more international exposure to GlamPuss (especially because the Singapore market is so saturated). And Yes – I’m dreaming big.

So naturally I had to go figure out loads of things, and one of them is International Shipping. I knew that our local post office, SingPost offers the best airmail rates compared to big brands such as DHL, FedEx and TNT to name a few. So I went on to the SingPost website to check out the rates:

SingPost Postage Rates (Airmail)
SingPost Postage Rates (Airmail)

Looks pretty affordable right? I’m referring to Zone 3 under Letters, Printed Papers & Small Packets in the diagram. But if you actually calculate the weight of your parcel, you would notice that it’s actually quite expensive! That’s because it’s already $1.10 for the first 20g, and additional 35cents per 10g!

So using the SingPost postage calculator, these are the results for different weights for postage to the United States:

Postage Charge (USA)
Postage Charge (USA) / (NON-REGISTERED)

That totally gave me a HUGE shock because I never expected that it would add up to so much. No wonder whenever I looked at Etsy items, the shipping charges were crazy skyhigh, but now I think that they aren’t anymore. However, I noticed that upon browsing around Etsy and Storenvy stores, there are some Singapore sellers offering free registered airmail (Storenvy) or they charge like USD $2.50-5.70 per item. But the question do they do that?

Well, these are the few ways I think they were able to do so:
1. They have already marked up like a huge amount on the initial selling price hence, they could offer a ‘lower shipping fee’
And I know this for certain because their selling price (w/o postage) is already USD 9 for a pair of earrings

2. They cut down on the packaging so that it is less heavy
Like I noticed many of them would package their items in organza gift bags while some just wrapped the item in bubble wrap and others used bubble mailers. So I guess my initial plan of giving gift boxes would be insane as it adds on to the weight drastically.

3. Their current profit margin allows them to do so

And I’m all out of reasons to how they are achieving that..but this really is bad news for me as my selling price is rather low already. And with a small profit margin, so I cannot really afford to have mailing charges to eat up what little I earn. ARGHH!!
Thinking also to invest in a weighing scale so that I can give a better estimate of shipping charges per item but sigh..I really don’t know if people are willing to pay this much for International postage charges to their country. Sigh…What a nightmare!

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki


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