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GlamPuss: Is it time for a switch?

GlamPuss is my baby. Not literally of course. I’m always constantly thinking about ways on how I can market it in order to get sales and most importantly, how I can allow my potential customers to have an efficient and well designed website to browse for an overall great customer experience. 

And hence I chose Wix for it’s easy to use drop and drag feature to design my GlamPuss site. This is because I wanted my own customization and to add my own personal touch to the design.

GlamPuss Layout
GlamPuss Main Webpage Layout
Shop Layout
Shop Layout

So far, I love my design layout. Unfortunately, I’m growing less fond of Wix as the weeks pass because there are so many issues with it.

These are the 2 MAIN issues that I have:
1. It loads excruciatingly SLOW especially for first time loaders
2. Error messages appearing

I have had many people telling me that my website is slow, or down and I know that these are big issues that I need to look into as they will definitely put people off.

Like, generally when you shop online, you would want every component to load fast – especially the product pictures right? From the view of an avid online blogshopper, that’s the basic level of what I expect from a blogshop.

Initially, I wanted to upgrade to a Wix Premium account in order to give my shoppers a better experience. However, after scrolling through the forums and help support pages, it seems that many of the Premium users also face the above same issues – slow loads and error messages, and Wix doesn’t seem very responsive or helpful in their replies. What’s the point of paying to upgrade if it is still the same?

So is it time for switch?

That’s what I asked myself. Because of that, I’ve been doing my research on various sites like Wix or had minimalist designs that I liked.

At the moment however, I am still not sure if I’m switching, or I should just have another storefront. But anyway, these are the list of places that I am considering.


The first place that I looked at was Storenvy. Initially, I had selected to use Storenvy as my platform as seen in this post here. It allows me to set up a store completely free of charge – this means no transaction fees, no set up fees or anything. Best of all, it does give my shop some amount of exposure as it is something like a mini-Etsy, but just not as popular to Etsy’s extent.

The support team is excellent there and they will really help you out if you meet any issues, for example, ALL comments on their Facebook are met with prompt and helpful answers.

Storenvy Store Front
Storenvy Store Front

The downside however, is that the prices are all quoted in USD and it’s a little complicated in terms of conversion especially if I choose to have both a Wix and a Storenvy GlamPuss shop.

I’m also not good at CSS/HTML coding so a personalized design is totally out, other than for my banner so it’s very difficult to differentiate my shop from the others there. The other things that I don’t like about it is the lack of additional pages to share my GlamPuss information – like t&cs, about and etc.

But, again if I have BOTH a Wix and the Storenvy shop, maybe it will work out? I’m honestly not sure.


Everyone knows that Etsy is THE place to go for handcrafted items and occasionally handpicked items. Which totally fits GlamPuss because that’s what we have! Plus the exposure rate is extremely high and it is undeniably the best place for budding artists/designers like me to get noticed. The support team seems decent too. Like, I dropped them an inquiry and got a reply within a day.

The cost of listing an item is USD 0.20 which is valid for 4 months or until it is sold. Etsy also imposes a transaction fee of 3% for each item sold as well. Sounds pretty good right?

Sample Etsy Store Front
Sample Etsy Store Front

I thought so too, until I tried to create a GlamPuss Etsy shop. Then I realized how complicated it was. There were so many terms and conditions, dos and do nots to take note of and it is super constrictive in my opinion.

Also, the item quality standard is extremely high at Etsy. As an beginner/amateur crafter (for my handmade stuff), I’m afraid it looks very slidshod compared to the rest who really can craft really, really beautiful and unique items.

Sample Etsy Packaging
Sample Etsy Packaging

It also seems to me that Etsy buyers expect a lot from the Etsy seller including customization, beautiful packaging and well, basically the whole package. I don’t think I am at that standard yet and this could affect my feedback negatively.

Lastly, even though it seems relatively cheap to list your item, it doesn’t mean that it can get found easily. I read that the listings have to be renewed every month or something and don’t forget the additional paypal charges which I am absorbing as well.

But then again, it is a worthwhile investment considering the exposure and experience it can give me as a launching platform for my handcrafted items. But well, I’m still open to other options.

So through Etsy, I found that there were others who had both an Etsy shop and an online shopping website.


One of the platforms for their store is indiemade. indiemade is relatively unknown, but to my surprise, it actually looks pretty decent.

Quickly create all the features you need with an easy web design tool. Build an image gallery, craft blog, ecommerce shopping cart, and much more — all on your own URL. A beginner can sell crafts online instantly or start an artist blog with ease. And hosting is part of the package.


Sample indiemake website
Sample indiemade website

The prices are decent as well, way cheaper than Shopify.
See indiemade Plans & Pricing. I’m looking at the Standard or Pro plan at USD 11.95 and USD 14.95 respectively.

Again, support seems okay as well, with many people happy with the website as seen on their Facebook.

This is just a consideration as I’m not sure if it is easy to customize and such. We shall see.


Goodsie is also one of the new kids on the block that I am seriously considering.

Sample Goodsie Shop
Sample Goodsie Shop

It looks pretty awesome don’t you think? The pricing is pretty affordable too:
Goodsie Plans & Pricing – I’m looking at their Standard plan at USD 15 a month as I don’t really need their additional Premium features.

Best of all, it seems like not much coding is needed. The review looks great too as seen here. Support looks okay, but I saw that the site was down on 23 October and loads of people complained about it. It was settled promptly though.


Through Etsy, I also chanced upon this platform called Retailr. Again, another unknown platform just like indiemade but used by Etsy users. Based on opinions of Etsy members as seen here, Retailr looks like a trustable platform as well.

Sample Retailr Shop
Sample Retailr Shop

The design leans towards my style of white/minimalistic which I’m looking for. And it kinda reminds of Shopify as well, except with a smaller price tag:
Retailr Plans & Pricing – I’m looking at the Grow plan priced at USD 19 per month.

Not sure if it’s easy to customize or needs coding experience, but so far, their support, like most is good and I haven’t read anything negative about it. Definitely a must add to my consideration list.


Shopify is arguably the best platform out there at the moment and I really like it. Also, many blogshops/online stores in Singapore and worldwide use Shopify, including my benchmarked competitors.

Sample Shopify Shop
Sample Shopify Shop

I prefer it over BigCartel, Volusion and the others (other than the ones I’ve listed above) because it just looks great and it fits all my needs. Moreover, it’s really easy to use and customize. Support is great and there are zillions of 5* reviews and I can just go on.

The only downside?

Price Plans
Price Plans

Yeah..naturally I’m only looking at the cheapest plan. But forking out USD 29 per month is rather expensive for a struggling new business like GlamPuss. Plus, they take 2% of your transaction fee! The others that I have included above are cheaper and they don’t take any transaction fees (other than Etsy).

Worth investing? Well, it’s on my consideration list, but I still debating.

Overall, all of the above have their pros and cons. It is really a difficult decision for me to make:
1) Stick with Wix and get Etsy/Storenvy or just convert completely
2) Dump Wix and go for Shopify/Retailr/Goodsie/Indiemade

Regardless of the choice I make, it will affect everything especially if I opt completely out of Wix. I need to get new stamps, update my information and so much more!

I really hope I can make the decision soon but it is so difficult..

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Hi babe,

    Which platform are you using now?
    I am considering some of those that you mentioned.


    1. storenvy is not too bad, and really easy to use and i use it to cater to my international markets but im slowly moving away from it in favor of weebly.

      weebly is very user friendly, but it’s tedious work compared to storenvy. still, i like that im able to have more control over my designs compared to storenvy which is rather generic.

      but my best advice to you is to just try out all the trials for all those that you like (as seen from my blog) and you can get a feel of what exactly works best for you(: that’s what i did!

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