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Office Life Indulgences: Ken’s Cafe Tokyo x Movie Perks – 27 Nov 2018

Phew, I had a really late night the day before – one of the latest I had recently (crashed at 430am or so) but yep, I’m still full of bright smiles and such – for pictures only la HAHAHHA. Okay la, quick tip if you had a late night? Wear something bright as your top, …

All Reviews, Food Bites, Food Reviews, mitsueki

Food Review | Taste Good @ Sim Lim Square

One of my office temp staff had been raving over his favourite salted egg chicken stall at Sim Lim Square and it was on my bucket list to try for quite awhile. Did a quick search and realized the stall name is called “Taste Good” located at Level 2 of Sim Lim Square. Taste Good …