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McDonald’s Singapore goes BANANAS over MINIONS – Banana Cone + Minion Potatoes + SPICY CHICKEN MCNUGGETS!

McDonald’s Singapore will be GOING BANANAS over the MINIONS from Despiscable Me 3 from 8 June 2017 onwards – and you heard it from here first 😉 Here’s what to expect from tomorrow onwards! 😀 Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream – fr $1.00 (Replace Vanilla Soft Serve for a limited period of time) Banana Hot …

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McDonalds Singapore: Ebi Burger, Banana Pie, Tropical Tango McFizz & Black Sesame McFlurry

McDonalds Japan Ebi Burger Available at McDonalds Singapore for a limited time! Now you don’t have to specially fly to Japan to try their Ebi Burger / Shrimp Burger because it’s available in Singapore for a limited time!(: McDonald’s Ebi Burger – Ebi Superstar Dance TVC (English Subtitles) McDonald’s Ebi Burger Meal Introducing Japan’s chart-topping …