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McDonalds Singapore: Ebi Burger, Banana Pie, Tropical Tango McFizz & Black Sesame McFlurry

McDonalds Japan Ebi Burger Available at McDonalds Singapore for a limited time!

Now you don’t have to specially fly to Japan to try their Ebi Burger / Shrimp Burger because it’s available in Singapore for a limited time!(:

McDonald’s Ebi Burger – Ebi Superstar Dance TVC (English Subtitles)

McDonald’s Ebi Burger Meal

Introducing Japan’s chart-topping idol: The new Ebi Burger with crispy patty filled with succulent shrimps. Complete the all-star taste with the new sparkling Tropical Tango McFizz™ and the new Banana Pie.

My colleagues, Shin Yun, Jaeq, Alfred and I dropped by Mcdonalds today for lunch and a couple of them had the new Ebi Feast Meal. Kinda regretted not trying it, but I guess I’ll do so soon! 😀

Basically, the Ebi Feast meal consists of an Ebi Burger, Tropical Tango McFizz, Banana Pie and large French fries and this meal starts from S$7.75. There’s also a double ebi burger but I didn’t really catch the price for that particular meal.

And here are the food reviews of the food/drink items kindly supplied by my colleague, Shin Yun, hehe.

1. Ebi Burger (えびバーガー)

Basically a burger with a breadcrumb shrimp patty topped with thousand island sauce and lettuce. Looks oiishi ya? Hurhur, as a prawn/shrimp lover, I’d better try this the next round! Plus reviews from the colleagues were positive so definitely a must try!

Shin Yun’s Review: It looks similar to the one at Wendy. In terms of taste its different because of the use thousand island sauce. The whole patty is filled with ebi which are chopped into smaller pieces but you can still see the flesh. I like the whole combination ( lettuce with sauce and ebi), plus it tastes more flavourful with the sauce!

Photo Credits: Mark Xlii

HAHAHHA, showing the ‘contents’ of the burger – pardon the bad pic ~_~

2. Banana Pie

According to my colleagues who tried the banana pie, most prefer this over the apple pie. The banana smell is really strong too! Maybe I’ll order an ala-carte for myself to try later. Hehe

Shin Yun’s Review: I’m not a banana person but I find that it has a nice, crispy exterior with a pipping hot, smooth & soft filling. Personally, I feel that it tastes better than the apple pie. Oh and the filling is very soft and smooth so it just flow down the throat. This is unlike the apple pie where u need to munch on it.

Clearer photo stolen off Facebook ;x

Photo Credits: Autumn Luo

3. Tropical Tango McFizz

So far, I’m liking most of the new McFizz drinks especially the Lychee McFizz but this one ought to be alright I think based on my colleague’s review below:

Shin Yun’s Review: At the first sip, I think it tastes relatively sour but its really fizzy. Overall, its nice. Plus it tastes like a combination of fruits such as mango!


Oh oh, before I end off – just saw that they just launched a new McFlurry flavour too!

McDonald’s Black Sesame McFlurry.
*Available at Dessert Kiosks only

Loads pretty good huh? But I heard alot of complaints on Facebook that not all dessert kiosks have it so maybe it’s available at SELECTED kiosks only?

Anyway, feel free to let me know if you tried any of the above and your verdict!(:

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3 Comments on “McDonalds Singapore: Ebi Burger, Banana Pie, Tropical Tango McFizz & Black Sesame McFlurry

  1. I’m not sure if this is exactly the same Ebi Burger as the one in Japan, because unlike the Japanese Franchise of McDonalds, the franchise here uses food ingredients that conforms to Islamic Law (Halal-Certified Restaurant), therefore the sauce may be different from those used in the Japan Franchise itself. A quick check on the McDonalds Japan Website shows that this burger is sold as the EbiFilio Burger (えびフィレオ) which uses the Aurora Sauce (オーロラソース) which is actually Mayonnaise + Tomato Ketchup, which is different from the Thousand Island Sauce used in this version. And for your information, McDonalds in Japan sells Pork Burgers as well! So you won’t be able to get that exact same thing, but pretty close enough……
    In addition, the previous Limited Burger “Samurai Burger” also comes from the Japan Franchise “Teriyaki McBurger” (てりやきマックバーガー), again re-adjusted for the Singapore and Malaysia Markets to use Beef and Chicken instead due to the Halal requirements used here as the original Japanese Version uses Pork for the meat patty. Plus the Chicken patty used for the Chicken Samurai Burger here is DIFFERENT from the ones across the Causeway/Second Link; it uses the SAME chicken patty as the one used in one of our regular item “Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill” prepared in the same way as the Beef version.

    1. Wow, thnks alot for sharing! Because of marketing, the ebiburger was touted to be the same as the one in Japan, but I guess not! And oh my pork burgers? Would love try them when I’m in Japan the next time(: (actually there are so many things that I wanna try!)

      Meanwhile, woah you seem to really know about the samurai burger, once again-thanks for sharing ^^

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