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GlamPuss C16: A Lace Affair is LAUNCHED!

GlamPuss has been on a short hiatus for the last couple of weeks, but I’m glad to say that I finally sat my lazy arse down to launch the latest collection – yes on my birthday! HAHA! XD So here’s presenting: GlamPuss C16: A Lace Affair SHOP: http://www.shopglampuss.com/new-arrivals.html SHOP: http://www.shopglampuss.com/new-arrivals.html Expect gorgeous lace dresses, a lovely bag …

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The Blush Inc (theblushinc.com) // Clothing Review

So far, most of my blog posts are food reviews and I still have like a zillion more lined up. Just that I can be a tad too lazy to write. Hurhur, but I PROMISE I will write it. SOON. Next week? Or Next year ;p Anyway, so to change it up a little, I decided …