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The Blush Inc ( // Clothing Review

So far, most of my blog posts are food reviews and I still have like a zillion more lined up. Just that I can be a tad too lazy to write. Hurhur, but I PROMISE I will write it. SOON. Next week? Or Next year ;p Anyway, so to change it up a little, I decided to do a clothing review (non sponsored) this time round! And the blogshop I selected is…

The Blush Inc

And I think you might find The Blush Inc rather familiar as it is one of Singapore’s most popular blogshops at the moment. So just a little background about them from what I gleaned off the Internet. And I must say, they have evolved quite a lot, so let’s have a look:

Dainty Damsels

If I am not wrong, The Blush Inc started off as Dainty Damsels blogshop.

The Blush Inc Original Logo

That was their previous logo when they relaunched as The Blush Inc.

Current Logo

The current logo at the moment.

Logo to be updated?

And based on their website, I noticed they changed their logo again! But you have to say that it is for the better as it looks more professional especially since they customer base seems to be huge! Anyway, I joined The Blush Inc mailing list like pretty long ago and their updates have been very frequent with New Arrivals and such every week or so.

I like all the clothes but I never did purchase from them until recently, they were selling this awesome deal on Groupon.

The deal’s over by the way 🙁


Did you get your hands on it before it was sold out?

Totally selling like hotcakes when it was launched. So anyway, I bought one to use. Problem was that I only managed to utilize it pretty late like in November because most of their New Arrivals tend to get snapped up pretty quickly! So I camped and quickly bought the following dresses for work, yes, I am a HUGE fan of dresses!:

Butterfly Flutter Dress // SGD 26.00 // SOLD OUT

My favorite piece from my purchases will be the Butterfly Flutter Dress! The prints are just so whimsical and cute! Also possible to wear for work with a cropped jacket/blazer to smarten up the look. The V neck is extremely flattering and it’s good to showcase accessories. Best of all, it hides my fats. Hurhur. Fully lined and of great material. Very nice!

Accessory: Handcrafted Gold Vintage Swallow Necklace

Yepp, that’s one of my handcrafted GlamPuss Originals necklaces which I made somewhere last week. And I’ve decided to release some of my necklaces for sale to see the demand, but not on an official basis. So, it cannot be found on my GlamPuss websites yet except on my personal mitsueki blog and Facebook profile.

If you’re interested, drop me an email at: to purchase(:

Contrast Piped Pleated Dress in Cobalt // SGD 26.00 // SOLD OUT

The second piece, Contrast Piped Pleated Dress is really awesome and I really love the cobalt blue color as it is really a color that ‘pops’! Looks fantabulous (not spelling error) when paired with my GlamPuss accessories such as:

The Prancing Floral Deer

And of course, other chunky statement necklaces and my delicate pieceslooks great with it too. It looks very smart when paired with a cropped blazer/jacket and that’s how I wear it. It’s really comfortable and the material is thick, not like those lousy quality materials that most blogshops sell, even the major ones.

Best of all, I can fit into it(:

Pictures of me actually wearing it will up probably in an OOTD post sometime later.

Paper Cut Stencil Frock in White // SGD 29.00 // On Backorder

I haven’t received this one yet actually. Dropped them an enquiry which was replied very promptly and I found out the status of it is: “Wait for Backorder“. Well, it’s already been a month since then..and I’m not too sure when exactly I will get it.

Hopefully soon? It’s such a gorgeous piece.

Marlene Web Dress // SGD 28.50 // SOLD OUT

Lastly, I also got one of this dress cos it looked awesome on the model. Unfortunately, I only tried it once and then I never wore it out. I can’t remember exactly why – but I think it couldn’t really fit me. Anyway, am selling this piece if anyone is interested.

Worn only once to try, brand new still in plastic packaging (if I’m not wrong) – SGD $25 including normal mail.

Drop me a mail at to purchase(:

Unfortunately, at the moment, almost of the above dresses are sold out pieces, but you can join the waiting list and hopefully, there is backorder soon. Just to add on – delivery took about a week in case you were wondering(:

And as mentioned, I’m a HUGE fan of dresses, so here’s some of my top picks (DRESSES ONLY) for The Blush Inc! I wish I have the moolah to purchase T_T~

*NOTE: There’s LOADS!
CLICK on the picture to go DIRECTLY to the website // SOME may be OOS but most still IN STOCK(:

Love LOVE LOVE THEM ALL! Aren’t they simply GORGEOUS??! *DROOLS*

As mentioned earlier, if you would like to purchase any of them, just click on each picture to go directly to the page!To see MORE of The Blush Inc apparels as well others, check out the following links:

The Blush Inc

So shop at The Blush Inc today for fabulous and HIGH QUALITY clothes (especially dresses)!(:

Till Later,
♥ mitsueki

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