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Snack Bites | Orangina Gummy Candy

Love Orangina? Then you will love this Oringina gummy candy from Japan!

Orangina Gummy Candy Snack

Knowing that the bf loves drinking it, I knew I had to buy a packet for him to let him try one of his favourite drinks in gummy form!(: The Orangina gummy candy comes in a resealable packet just in case you can’t finish it at a go. It wasn’t a problem for the bf as he gobbled them all after I tried 1 😂😂

Each gummy candy is in the shape of the Orangina bottle and are bursting in flavor! Chewy, yummy and gives you a taste of the original Orangina drink – this is no surprise why the bf loved it!

  • Can I purchase in Singapore? Yes! But its originally from Japan!
  • Taste: 4/5
  • Will I repurchase: Yes!

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