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Capri by Fraser Staycation Review | mitsueki Staycations

My Valentine’s Day present to Wx was a staycation over at Capri by Fraser!

Capri by Fraser, Changi City Staycation Review

Capri by Fraser, Changi City
3 Changi Business Park Central 1, 486037
Book via Agoda!

How to Get There?

Capri by Fraser is located at Changi Business Park, right next to Changi City Point. This makes parking very convenient but if you are coming via public transportation, the nearest MRT is Expo, just a few minutes walk away.

Checking In

If you were wondering, I snagged a good price off Agoda Secret Deals – the Studio Superior at $177 (no breakfast) for 1 night. Checking in was a breeze, just head to the reception and give them your IC for registration, no print outs necessary. You will also need to pass them a credit card for a $50 refundable deposit.

Oh ya, I was served by Guest Relations Executive, Aaron Klass and he kindly upgraded us to the Studio Premier room during the check in and accommodated my request for a late check out of 2pm, what a nice touch! Not requested nor sponsored ya, I paid! 😂

The lounge area looks really plush and spacious but usually there isn’t much of a wait for checking in and out. Guests waiting to use the shuttle bus to Changi Airport will probably utilise it better!

Studio Premier Room Tour

Each room comes with 2 room key cards and the wifi password for the complimentary wifi is found at the back. Wifi in general is very strong throughout our entire stay if you were wondering.

If you drive, the reception will also give you this card which you can tag to your car so that you can park in the Reserved Red lots in the car park. Complimentary parking is also available, just ask the concierge for the ticket!

The hallway to our room at Level 11, Room 1131!

Entrance to our room!

The first thing you will notice is the kitchenette the moment you enter the room! It comes complete with working cooking facilities including the induction stovetop, oven and Nespresso machine! A sink and mini fridge can also be found here(:

The cookware, serving utensils and other kitchenware can be found in the drawers.

There is a huge workspace in the room and we used it to place our bags and other items. You can find general information and the room service menu here!

A mini vanity table with the provided hairdryer!

The rest of the Premier Suite bedroom is made up of the King sized bed and living room. Color Palette makes the room very inviting and comfortable!

But the view from the room window is pretty good! You can see planes landing at the nearby Changi Airport as seen from the picture!(:

Of course the main star of the room will be the king size bed! Photos of the bed taken during the day and night, very romantic at night!(:

Couldn’t resist taking some shots with the bed! It’s the best spot to take ootds here too by the way!

2 complimentary bottles of water are provided in the room. It should be replenished daily if I’m not wrong but I only stayed for 1 night!

The Premier Suite comes with a walk in wardrobe and other wardrobes. Plenty of space for you to hang your clothes!

You can find the safety deposit box, weighing scale, bathrobes, bedroom slippers, iron and more in the wardrobes!

Here’s finishing off the Premier Room Tour with the bathroom! It’s a pretty big one, at one side is the toilet and sink area with plenty of complimentary toiletries including razor/razor cream and toothbrush/toothpaste!

The other side is the shower area and you have a choice between filling the bathtub, overhead rain shower or using the shower wand. MALIN+GOETZ shampoo, conditioner and body soap are provided so there isn’t anything else to bring except your facial soap(:

Spin & Play

You can find a Spin & Play Room on every level of the hotel accessible to all hotel guests! What is the spin and play room if you were wondering?

It’s the laundry room x game room available for use 24/7! So while waiting for your laundry to be done, you can chill at the waiting area by playing console games – in this case, it’s a PS4! The PS4 games as well as other games can be rented for free from the Concierge area at Level 1 (:

The laundry facilities are not free however if I’m not wrong as I notice you need to put in tokens to use them.

Swimming Pool & Gym

If you head to level 2, you can find the swimming pool and gym. The pool is pretty small but there are plenty of lounging areas under the sun(: Complimentary towels are available for you to dry off after a quick shower by the pool! Meanwhile the gym is located right next to the pool and you can spot a number of people utilising the facilities!


If you feel like indulging abit, you can head for spa treatments and massages at the spa. A steam room/Sauna is also available but I’m not sure if that is chargeable though!


There are a few dining options to choose from at Capri by Fraser:

  • Caprilicious (All day dining/buffet)
  • Delite (Grab and go deli)
  • In Room Dining (All day)
  • Drinx (Lobby Bar)
  • Ripples (Poolside Bar)

The cheapest option is of course to dine at the many restaurants and food court at Changi City Point like what we did! 😝😝

Meeting Rooms @ The Pod

Need a meeting room? You can check out The Pod! They have 2 pods aka meeting rooms! What I really like is the art installments all around the hotel but this one at the Pod is my favourite!(:


The concierge is where you can get your complimentary car ticket if you need to drive your car out!

Just remember to remove your cash card before driving out, then insert the complimentary parking ticket into the machine! FYI, it’s about $25 if you parked overnight so PLEASE REMOVE YOUR CASH CARD!

There is a Hot Spot area where you can use for the Internet services and printing.

Oh and this corner is where you can rent the PS4 games and board games during your stay. If I remember right, you can also rent a selection of DVDs as well!

Bicycle rentals are available too (:

Checking Out

Checking out is a breeze as well. You can claim your refundable $50 deposit if you didn’t charge anything to your room and everything is all good. It will take approximately 10 mins or less to finish the whole process.

If you are in a rush though, you can opt for the express check out with the express check out form(:

And well that’s it for my staycation review of Capri by Fraser! Hope this comprehensive review was useful to you! Thanks for reading!(: Till my next staycation!

Capri by Fraser, Changi City
3 Changi Business Park Central 1, 486037
Book via Agoda!

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