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Cafehopping | Bricks N Cubes @ The Cathay

After the dinner with Crystal at Concetto by Saveur, we were looking for a place to chill out, catch up and check out my Taiwan trip photos. Thought of Starbucks, Marble Slab and Createaf Waffles but in the end, we ended up checking out Bricks N Cubes.

Bricks N Cubes @ The Cathay

If I’m not wrong, Bricks N Cubes is a relatively new cafe that opened at The Cathay a couple of months back. I wanted to try it out previously, but the bf wasn’t up for it. Ah well, finally had the chance to dine here with Crystal then.

Bricks’N’Cubes Cafe
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road #02-12/14, Singapore, Singapore 229233

The Place

Basically a LEGO themed cafe with both seats available inside the cafe and outside patio by the walkway area. No prizes for guessing where we sat, heh.

Each of the table comes equipped with an iPad, some which gives off an annoying siren when you press on the button. I was scared off, till the staff came to silent the alarm :S

And here’s the interior of the cafe that I’m sure LEGO lovers will like more!

Plenty of LEGO models around the cafe

There’s also an area where you can build your own LEGOS here. Pretty cute!

The Menu

You can refer to the menu on either the iPad or the physical menu as below.

We were here for a cup of ice cream so off we went to make our choice at the counter! It’s so much better choosing there rather than selecting off the picture right? Plus you get to try! I tried the vanilla, dark chocolate and chocolate oreo. In the end, opted to get the last choice while Crystal immediately went for the chocolate chip.

In her words, if a cafe can’t even get their basic flavours – vanilla / chocolate / chocolate chip right, they can forget about doing a good business! And luckily for Bricks N Cubes – the ice cream here passed her test. HAHA!

On the left is my vanilla oreo – decent, but her chocolate was fantastic! Regretted not ordering that instead. Anyway, it was a really BIG serving for S$4.50 each — I almost thought she ordered two scoops when the ice cream arrived at our table! Thanks for the treat~

Overall Verdict

Ice cream was pretty decent, the environment was so chill and relaxing for a catch up / chit chat session – would return again if ever the need arises again while I’m at The Cathay. Other than that in terms of food, I would probably pass especially considering the fact that there’s Astons / Eighteen Chefs and Concetto by Saveur around the same vicinity.

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  1. My school teacher has given me an award and my mother wants to celebrate at Bricks N’ Cubes on this Sunday. Are there LEGOs to play with? Hee hee!

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