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GIVEAWAY | The Cufflink Shoppe

I’m not sure about you, but I think it’s really difficult to buy men gifts/presents be it for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and Christmas – do you agree?

Well, I’ve always been a fan of giving accessories/jewelry to my girlfriends on their special occasions but have been at a loss to what to get for the guys since they don’t really wear accessories! But.. I guess I forgot that cufflinks are actually accessories too!

Though they might be small, but do you know that cufflinks are actually an very important accessory that make a great difference in a man’s appearance?

cufflink Shop:
**Ships Internationally!

That’s why as a female, I’m really happy to share with you an online cufflink store called The Cufflink Shoppe to shop at where you can pick up some gorgeous AND affordable cufflinks as a gift for your guy friends, colleagues, boyfriends, fathers, husbands!

And if you’re a guy – you can easily pick up one for yourself and wear it for plenty of different occasions, be it for work, new year, weddings, a night out with friends or anything!(:

P.s Scroll down for a GIVEAWAY!


The Cufflink Shoppe (About)

The Cufflink Shoppe
**Ships Internationally!

Based in Singapore, The Cufflink Shoppe offers exquisite cufflinks for sale at down-to-earth prices. We trust that you will be able to find the perfect pair of cufflinks for work, night’s out for drinks or even your best friend’s wedding.

At The Cufflink Shoppe, we strive to bring you a fresh variety of cufflinks sourced from all over the globe. In order to maintain the uniqueness of each design, we only bring in a limited quantity every round.

The Cufflink Shoppe was started when the owner was shopping arosSsund for cufflinks and felt that he can do something for the cufflink afficionados, with the idea of combining both quality and value. With that in mind, he set off to register The Cufflink Shoppe as a registered business in Singapore and the rest is what you see online now. —————————————————————————————————————————-

GIVEAWAY | The Cufflink Shoppe x mitsueki!

I’m giving away TWO (2) sets of Watch Movements Cufflinks and TWO (2) sets of LEGO Brick Cufflinks worth over S$400.00 to FOUR (4) LUCKY BLOG READERS!

How to Win?

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*Giveaway CLOSES on 16 January 2014, 1159PM
*Steps 1 – 3 are REQUIRED in order to be eligible for the giveaway
*Open to Singaporeans only


The Cufflink Shoppe Review

The kind owner of The Cufflink Shoppe kindly sponsored me 5 different cufflinks of my selection – of which I planned on giving to the bf for his work purchases. Well, I have to say that I was seriously so spoilt for choice because there were SO MANY different and gorgeous designs for me to choose from ranging from classy classics to fun and novelty – but finally I managed to select my finalized designs!(:

Delivery and Packaging

I opted for Registered Mail delivery and my 5 sets of cufflinks came speedily via mail. I opened up the main box and was greeted by the sight of these 5 boxes – was super excited to check them out!

Do note that by default, you will get a velvet pouch per purchase – but you can easily top up S$2.50 for an array of gift boxes as below which makes it great for gift giving!(:

So let’s see my 5 choices yah? I started off opening the more opulent boxes – the velvet followed by the one next to it and then the last 3 gift boxes.


1. Watch Movement Cufflink: Orbitus (Premium) – S$128.00

This is perhaps the most expensive cufflink that The Cufflink Shoppe carries in their online store and you have to admit – it’s an impressive, eye-catching and unique cufflink! It’s like the gears of a watch visible in the cufflink and yes, the mechanical clockwork gears does rotate when you twist the dial! It’s super cool and you got to admit – it’s definitely an attention grabber!

Originally priced at S$188.00, it’s now going for S$128.00 and you can purchase it here: 

Other designs from the Watch Movement Collections can be found here:


2. Optika

I selected Optika for the bf because I like the design and color and I thought it would suit him as it’s a pretty classy pair perfect for many occasions!

Originally priced at S$56.00, it’s now going for S$38.00 and you can purchase it here:

Other similar designs can be found here:


3. Maredge (Classics) – S$28.00

I totally love the gorgeous eye-popping color of this cufflink and it was an instant hit with the bf and myself! It definitely looks better in real life than in the pictures – you won’t regret getting this pair!(:

Originally priced at S$35.00, it’s now going for S$28.00 and you can purchase it here:

Other classic designs can be found here:


4. Slate (Classic) – S$28.00

This classy looking cufflink is just so elegant and pretty with it’s simplistic design and I do like it when the bf wore it with his suit!(: Again, like most of the cufflinks – this is perfect for events and work!

Originally priced at S$35.00, it’s now going for S$28.00 and you can purchase it here:

Other classic designs can be found here:


5. LEGO Brick Light Grey (Novelty and Fun)

For the last cufflink, I decided to go with a novelty and fun design. The one that caught my attention the most out of the other funky designs such as the Iron Man, Transformers cufflinks was the LEGO Brick cufflinks which is super cool! I originally wanted it in Navy Blue but unfortunately, it was OOS at the point of time .. so I settled with Grey – which is not too bad either! It’s really cute and a MUST HAVE for LEGO lovers ^^

Originally priced at S$26.00, it’s now going for S$16.00 and you can purchase it here:

Other LEGO Brick colors can be found here:


Other Designs I Considered from The Cufflink Shoppe

Autobots – S$22.00
Triumvir – Gun Metal – S$128.00
Prototype – S$22.00
Crossia – S$28.00
Equilibria – S$28.00


Overall Verdict & My Thanks

On the whole, I’m really impressed with The Cufflink Shoppe because of their range of gorgeous, unique and not to mention – affordable cufflinks that are perfect for guys (and girls) – be it for one’s self or gift giving during festive occasions or even for weddings! Plus the quality of the cufflinks I’ve received so far are generally pretty good(:

Ps..and if you were wondering which cufflink the bf and I liked the best – it’s the Maredge (Classics) going at S$28.00 –

Lastly, once again – here’s my thanks to The Cufflink Shoppe for the review opportunity and I would highly recommend you to go check out their gorgeous range of cufflinks at The Cufflink Shoppe – It’s perfect for a gift this upcoming Chinese New Year / Valentine’s Day 😉

The Cufflink Shoppe
**Ships Internationally!


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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