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Sheng Siong CEO’s 79 Year Old Mother Kidnapped with a $20 million ransom

Woah, kidnapping cases in Singapore are pretty rare – but apparently there was one that just happened recently (just yesterday), aka The Sheng Siong Kidnapping.

Woman, 79, who was kidnapped, is mother of Sheng Siong supermarket CEO

A 79-year-old woman who was kidnapped on Wednesday is the mother of Sheng Siong supermarket chief executive Lim Hock Chee. Mr Lim made it to the Forbes Singapore’s 50 Richest list last year and was listed at number 35 with a net worth of $515 million.

Sheng Siong supermarket chief executive Lim Hock Chee

The elderly woman was said to have been kidnapped while she was walking near a bus-stop at Block 631, Hougang Avenue 8 on Wednesday.


  • 10.30am, Jan 8
    Victim was kidnapped while she was walking by a bus-stop along Hougang Avenue 8, near Block 631.
  • 2.13pm
    Victim’s son lodged a police report. CID and PID officers were alerted to the case, operations to establish the whereabouts of the victim started.
  • Midnight
    Around midnight, a bag with $2 million in cash was dropped off in Sembawang Park as instructed by the kidnappers. The victim was released shortly after near Seletar West Camp.
  • 1am, Jan 9
    Police arrested the two suspects separately in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio and Hougang.

The police arrested two men in connection with the case on Thursday, after her son lodged a report. The woman was not hurt when she was snatched by the two suspects, and was later released at Seletar West Camp after a $2 million ransom was paid.

After ensuring that the victim was safe, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Police Intelligence Department (PID) managed to track down the two suspects – aged 41 and 50.

They were arrested in the vicinity of Hougang and Ang Mo Kio. The arrests came within 12 hours of the report. The $2 million ransom – which was negotiated down from $20 million – was recovered at the bottom of a tree near a pavilion at Sembawang Park after the arrest.

The younger of the two suspects is an odd-job labourer, while the older man is a credit card promoter. Both suspects are Singaporeans and are not related.

Credits: The Straits Times & Yahoo Newsroom

Luckily the mom’s alright! But woah..can’t believe he could nego with the kidnappers to drop the ransom from $20m to 2m! That’s a HUGE difference!

I guess more details will be revealed about the motive of the kidnapping soon – will update once I get it!

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