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Cafehopping | Lowercase Cafe @ LASALLE

As promised in my previous post HERE, I said that I would be back at Lowercase Cafe to try out their food didn’t I? So yeah, a couple of weeks ago, Crystal and I made a date after work to check out Lowercase Cafe over at LASALLE College of the Arts.

1 McNally St, Blk D #01-01 Singapore,
Singapore 187940


Interior & Decor

I really love the interior and decor of Lowercase Cafe from the moment I walked in!

Basically there are 2 levels, this is the upper level, but I notice that it’s more for group seatings with nice longer tables. That’s also where you order your food too(:

This is the first level (taken from the first level) where Crystal and I decided to sit at.

Sometimes I hear that they hold concerts and events here(:



Here’s the menu for your reference. It’s pretty short with just a couple of food items on it.

The drinks can be found on the board behind ranging from coffee to juice and beer.


Other Decor

Spotted Cider and Wine bottles:

They are using teabags from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.



It’s all self service at Lowercase Cafe – you help yourself to your utensils, condiments and there’s also free water(: Foodwise though – it will be served to you, so don’t forget to collect your number tag!


The Food

We finally come to our food! It was served to us pretty promptly so there’s a rather short waiting time – thank goodness for that as we were starved!

And here’s what we had:

1. Classic Caesar – S$7.90

Crystal and I decided to chip in to share a classic caesar salad between both of us. Serving is relatively generous and basically I thought it was not too bad. Can’t beat my best ranking Caesar Salad from SaladStop! naturally. Hehe

2. Salt ‘n’ Pepper Fries – S$5.00

We also decided to try out their salt and pepper fries. So as the name implies, the fries came shaken with salt and pepper as you can tell. Eh, it’s hard to go wrong with hot pipping and crispy fries so it’s was okay for me!

3. Carbonara – S$11.90

Both Crystal and I decided to get a carbonara each – she was debating over this and the ratatouille but she decided to go for this instead. It was a great choice though! Not only does the dish look very appetizing, it was pretty good too! Don’t dig the liberal amount of black peppercorn, spring onion and and garlic though (personal opinion) but other than that, I like it!

Posted this photo on Instagram (@mitsueki) and my other bestie, Rachel saw it and she was like let’s try it next time! So guess I’ll be back(:

4. Drinks – Earl Grey Tea & Ice Lemon Tea – S$3.00 each

And here we have it, all our food and ME (XD) kindly taken by Crystal.


The Verdict

Total bill probably came about S$20+ or so per person but I think it’s okay for the amount of food we consumed, plus we really did enjoy ourselves just chilling, gossiping and whatsnot there. Hehe, it really has a very relaxing atmosphere and we don’t mind going back to dine there again!

So yeah, I know I will definitely be back as mentioned – with Rachel in tow as she wants to try the carbonara, while Crystal wants to try the ratatouille. For myself, I might try the seafood marinara or fish and chips on my next visit.

Meanwhile, I’ll also keep hoping that I can finally try out that amazing looking rainbow cake that gets sold out very early!

mitsueki’s Personal Rating: 3.5/5

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1 McNally St, Blk D #01-01 Singapore,
Singapore 187940

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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