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Food Bites | Lowercase Cafe @ LASALLE


As promised, I had a full meal at Lowercase with Crystal(:

Read my cafehopping experience at Lowercase Cafe  @ LASALLE HERE!(:


Before my movie date with Crystal on Monday to watch Before Midnight, I decided to head down to Lowercase at LASALLE School of the Arts to surprise her with a nice slice of cake for meeting me. Hehe, and because I really wanted to try their rainbow cake which I spotted on Instagram! Never tried a rainbow cake before..hee~


Sadly, the rainbow cake wasn’t available that day, so I made do with the following 2 instead(:

1. Red Velvet Cake – S$6.50

To be deadly honest, I have never tried red velvet cake as well before and because EVERYONE seems to be raving about it, I had the mistaken assumption that Crystal would like it too. Unfortunately that was the wrong guess as it didn’t top her list but luckily, she’s pretty fine with it.

Well, I sampled the red velvet cake for the first time and..I didn’t like it. Especially after Crystal told me that the red was due to the beetroot flavoring and there was cream cheese. Eeyuck! Yes, I’m weird sorry 🙁 So basically, this cake wasn’t too good – even Crystal didn’t finish it. Will give it a pass in the future!

2. Earl Grey Cupcake – S$3.00

Thank goodness I had the sense to get a cupcake to try at the same time. I couldn’t remember what they had available so I just randomly picked one. Not really the most adventurous eater as I tend to stick with plain or chocolate cupcakes, but I’m really pleasantly surprised how much I liked the Earl Grey cupcake from Lowercase! Crystal loves it too!(: Basically the cupcake is nicely infused with the earl grey flavor and everything just complemented each other. Yums!

Overall, so far it has been 1 hit and 1 miss from Lowercase, but I’m definitely coming back to try their main dishes sometime soon. And of course, that will appear on my blog after that(:

Meanwhile, you can drop by to check out Lowercase Cafe over at LASALLE School of the Arts if you’re around the area(:

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