Random Woes

If you realized, I haven’t really been blogging much about my personal life, food reviews, or topics that need loads of thought to write on. Well, that’s because I’ve been really busy recently. Both with GlamPuss and work of course..but recently the latter has really been a huge cause of stress for myself. Think audit period and..well, my carelessness = mistakes.


Weekday nights, weekends and public holidays are my only solace away from work and it’s really times like these when I find myself feeling really, really thankful that I have the bf around with me. Wishing the weekends could be that I can just relax and enjoy the time with him.

Alas..the workweek is beginning again soon. The last week was I hope that I’ll be able to get through the audit period and the month without too many difficulties.

Hopefully this stress period will be over soon so that I can go back to feeling..well, not so stressed? Don’t want to get burnout ;/
Luckily there’s Running Man and the bf to cheer me up for now!(:

Okay, enough complaining, gonna try stay positive!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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