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Nurse burnt by substance on MRT seat: 2nd of such case in 2 weeks

Updated 8/5/13

Acid on MRT priority seat: 52-year-old man arrested

A 52-year old man has been arrested in relation to the acid case in an MRT train which burnt the left buttock of a nurse on Thursday (May 2).

The suspect was identified through a CCTV footage that led to the arrest of the man last night (May 6).

Investigations against him are currently ongoing.

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Spotted on STOMP today:

Nurse burnt by substance on MRT seat: 2nd of such case in 2 weeks

A nurse was burnt after she sat on a train seat which had a yellow substance on it. This is the second incident of a commuter getting burnt in two weeks. Yesterday at 11am, Ms Wan Zahfirah Arshad, 24, was on a north-bound train headed towards Jurong East. When she alighted, she experienced an unbearable tingling sensation and noticed a yellow substance on her clothes. What she sat on could have been acid.

A spokesman for the Singapore General Hospital confirmed that she is currently warded at the hospital for 3 per cent burns. SMRT expressed shock at the incident and lodged a police report after speaking with the passenger and ensuring that she is well taken care of. The police confirmed they were informed “of an unknown substance found on a train and a woman who had sought medical consultation in relation to the case”.

Investigations are ongoing.

Just on April 17, a teenage boy reportedly suffered second-degree burns on his right thigh after sitting on a pool of oily liquid on a bus stop seat in Bukit Batok East Avenue 3. Tests could not identify what he sat on.

On March 24, last year, a 27-year-old Malaysian woman sustained a burn wound on her buttocks after she sat on a wet seat on board a train.

She had experienced a searing pain and alighted at Dhoby Ghaut to check. After the incident, she had to sleep face down, and it hurt to walk.

1st Photo Credits: Singaporing.com
Article and Other Photo Credits:STOMP Singapore

That’s pretty scary and it looks painful huh? Well, it looks like a prankster at work, but of course I could be wrong. Hopefully the police investigation will be fruitful!

Meanwhile, do check the next time before you sit down at the MRT or the train!

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