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The Most Amazing Cotton Candy Maker From China // Plus Tutorial!

Facebook is one of the greatest place to find the most amazing videos from all around the world. Last night, I stumbled on this one shared by my friend and I was just BLOWN AWAY by this cotton candy maker from Chongqing, China.

Think Cotton Candy Maker Level: Extreme Pro

And I bet you’re thinking – huh seriously? It’s..just cotton candy!

Cotton Candy


Hence, I highly suggest you watch this video which I grabbed from YouTube. It will seriously make you:

  • Wonder what he’s making
  • Watch in wonderment at the piece he is creating
  • Just remember, although it seems like a simple piece, I have NEVER seen ANYONE (outside China) who can do this

Can you BELIEVE that this amount of work costs ONLY 3 RMB! That’s like SGD 0.60 / USD 0.50 after conversion!

Gosh, this man deserves SO MUCH MORE for the amazing work he is creating. And some people – like that annoying woman in the video just takes him for granted. Gee, you can tell that she almost forgot to pay him after that. If I were her, I would give him a nice BIG FAT TIP at the very least. Isn’t that what he deserves for his effort and time making this lovely looking cotton candy?

Amazing Cotton Candy Creations from China

Granted, yes, he did it within 2 minutes, but this, my friend is something we probably won’t get to eat unless we go to China! Btw, it’s called 花式棉花糖口 in Mandarin(:

Well, if you’re interested to learn, I found this step by step tutorial to make a lovely cotton candy creation!

Watch the Original Full Video:HERE

1) Put colored granulated sugar into the cotton candy machine and position a skewer or chopstick over the center. Rotate as strings of sugar are rocketed out.  A layer of cotton candy will form around the stick.

Cotton Candy Flower

2) Continue to rotate until all of the sugar has turned into cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Flower2

3) Now that you’ve formed the base of your cotton candy flower, add a different color of sugar to the machine.

Cotton Candy Flower3

4) Continue to rotate just like you did in step 2.

Cotton Candy Flower4

5)      To create the flower shape, use a wet skewer to carefully make indents in the fluffy sugar.

Cotton Candy Flower5

6)      Repeat the process using a different color of sugar.

Cotton Candy Flower6

Cotton Candy Flower7

Cotton Candy Flower8

7) Repeat the process again using a different color of sugar.

Cotton Candy Flower9

Cotton Candy Flower10

Cotton Candy Flower11

8) Stand and apathetically stare at your cheery sugar creation.

Cotton Candy Flower12

There you have it, a cotton candy flower created in four minutes.  It takes a long time compared to the traditional way of making cotton candy, so it might not be cost effective, but it’s definitely an interesting way to get your daily dose of sugar!

Step by Step Picture Tutorial Credits:RocketNews24

So..what do you think? 😀

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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