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GlamPuss is Featured on Oompr Bites!

I’m so happy to announce that GlamPuss has been featured on Oompr Bites!(: Read the interview here:

Oompr is excited to announce the launch of “Oompr bites”- a conversation with the top merchants selling on our page!

We begin our conversation with:

GLAM PUSS Your gateway to fine handcrafted jewellery and accessories!

GlamPuss is a Singapore based online store featuring specially handpicked and handmade jewellery and accessories at a range of prices and selections that cater to different consumer preferences. Perfect to buy as a gift for yourself, friends or your loved ones – no matter what the occasion!


(log onto to www.oompr.com for more listings by GlamPuss)

Lets discover what Daphy, owner of GlamPuss, has in store for us:

1) How did you hear about Oompr?

 Daphy: “I received an invitation from Oompr in December last year to sell my items on the website, and after checking the Oompr website out, I was pretty impressed with the concept and idea, so I decided to try it out (: ”

2) What are some of the benefits/problems you have faced in dealing on our website? 

Daphy: “If I have a small collection, I have to say that uploading my items up for sale on Oompr is extremely easy and can be done within less than a 30 seconds for each item. But of course, that is if you have the necessary description and prices on hand where you can copy and paste/insert in. However, I do have to say that I wish I could adjust the position of my pictures to showcase them better. Other than that, I loving everything else!”

3) How has your experience been with Oompr so far? 

Daphy: “I am quite satisfied with my experience so far as posting my items on Oompr allows me to gain more visibility and exposure for my products to the local Singapore market. This is extremely essential and important especially for a newly start up business like GlamPuss.”

4) What are some other recommendations you have for Oompr? 

Daphy: “One recommendation that I have is for Oompr to have a mass item uploading feature. That’s because sometimes, some shops (like GlamPuss) have a huge collection and it can be a hassle uploading each of them one by one. The other recommendations are to include a Postage option and also to implement the ability to adjust the pictures uploaded.

GP oompr

Other than that, just keep up doing what you guys have been doing as given time as I feel that Oompr has the potential to grow even further (: ”

Thank you Daphy for taking out the time for Oompr bites.

Credits:Oompr Bites!

I also just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Oompr for this interview as well!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki 

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