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A Sweet & Inspirational Valentine’s Love Story // Adam Kamis

Stumbled on this Love Story shared on STOMP and I really felt that this is a story worth sharing, and reading. It brought tears to my eyes while reading it. Even the bf thinks that this is really..a great love story.

“I was born normal, but a few years ago, I met with a road accident, while on the way to work, that left me with an amputated right arm and paralysed left arm.

Adam Kamis

“I was just starting my career as a marine engineer, and as someone young, I was devastated with the turn-of-events, as I had everything going for me.

“After I was discharged from the hospital, while undergoing intensive occupational therapy and being confined at home, and with all my friends busy with their new careers and starting families of their own, I turned to online social networking platform, to make new friends and to find someone to correspond with, without having to face the person personally as I was embarrassed with my new abnormal physique.

“That was where I got acquainted with Ms. Ally Kuan Lee Siang.

“I was surprised that she was very open-minded who was willing to accept me as a friend, despite my condition, unlike many who rejected and turned away.

“During our months of exchanging e-mails and messages, I found her to be an understanding, encouraging and a very supportive person.

“She was always there to listen, giving me advice and cheering me-up with her humour.

“Then one day, I was suggested by my doctor to take-up running to improve my stamina and endurance to prepare me for the next operation which will have me on the operating table for very long hours.

“I then told Ally about the doctor’s suggestion, and my fear and shyness of being seen in the public.

“So she suggested that she will accompany me by jogging beside me which again took me by surprised as she had told me before, during our correspondence, that she is a person that dislikes sports especially running and she dislikes perspiring. I took up her offer.

“I was very shy, as it was the first time we saw each other in-person, and the first time I’m exposing myself in the public, but her friendliness and her candidness dispel my shyness.

“The first time that I tried to jog, I felt very awkward with my new physical form.

“The running gait was very weird, I almost tripped a few times but Ally was always there to prevent me from falling, as she held my left paralysed arm firmly.

“Throughout my maiden jog after the accident, she will kept giving me positive words, chatting with me and making me laugh, even though at times she was struggling with catching her own breath and being very uncomfortable with the perspiration trickling down her face, which I know the sole purpose was to distract me from the public stares and to boost my confidence. But it did help me.

“The next two months, she kept knocking on my house door, almost every other day, pulling me out from the bed and couch to jog with her despite her own busy schedule with work and taking care of her family.

“Then one day, she suggested that I participate in the Swissotel Vertical Marathon to help with my confidence of being seen in public as well as to have some fun. And to make sure I participate in the event, she registered and paid the participation fee for me.

“So as not to disappoint her, and also to make sure that I’m able to run-up the 73 storeys, I started to train running up the stairs in my 14-storeys block.

“Again, the first time, I had problems adjusting running-up vertically, and this time, I did had a tripped and I got a very bad cut in mouth and on my nose.

“I was bleeding almost profusely. Again, Ally came to my aid by applying ice packs, antiseptic creams and etc.

“I almost wanted to give-up running altogether after that incident, but with Ally’s encouragements and determination to make sure that I overcome any obstacles that came my way, I was back at the stairs the very next day.

“After a couple month of training, though I know it was insufficient, I was determined to do my best to complete the 73-storeys challenge and do it at a respectable timing, to make Ally and myself proud.

Adam at the Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2011

“But to both of our surprise, not only did I manage to complete the run at a good timing, I managed to outrun many able-runners to come in the 76th position out of 297 participants in my category, and being the first disabled participant to compete and complete the challenge.

“Then another surprise came. My achievement was noticed by the Singapore Disability Sports Council and I was invited to train with the National Disabled Track & Field Team.

“I accepted the invitation and train with the team with Ally coming down to watch me train almost every training session.

“After just three short months of training with the team, I was chosen and given the chance to represent the country in competing in an overseas track & field competition.

“I was overjoyed but worried at the same time as I had to find a caregiver to accompany me to assist me with my basic needs for the 10-day trip.

“Without hesitation, Ally volunteered to be my caregiver even though she had already planned on using her work’s annual leave for a trip with her friends.

“With her sacrifice and support, I came back to Singapore with a gold and a silver medal for both my track events.

“Due to my success, I was again chosen to represent the country in an even bigger competition, the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

“I was thrilled and again, just like before, I had worries in finding a caregiver for this trip.

“As Ally had used-up all her work leave, I tried searching for other people to be my caregiver but to no avail.

“Ally tried to request from her employer for unpaid leaves to accompany me but her request was denied. Seeing that I will not be able to participate in one of the biggest sporting event in the world without a caregiver, Ally tendered her resignation to be my caregiver once again.

“I was shocked and touched by her sacrifice and when I asked her why she resigned even though she had worked in that company for a long time, she replied that a new job can always be found but the opportunity of participating in such a big scale event and being chosen to represent the country is once in a lifetime opportunity which must be seized.

Adam at Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

“Though I only managed to finish in the sixth position for the Commonwealth Games, she was very proud of my achievement.

“Now, after I have left the National Disabled Track & Field Team, and doing my own runs, participating in local running events such as marathons, ultra-marathons and even recently, participating in triathlon events, to raise the public-awareness about disability sports, and, raising awareness and funds for other good causes and for charities, as well as to inspire people, Ally is always by my side to lend her support, and even at times, join me for runs to help me with my cause.


“Although we had known each other for a few years now, Ally had not only been my friend, but she has been my pillar of strength, and, a source of inspiration, confidence and believe. She is the reason that I’m able to pick myself up after the accident and turn my life around for the better.

Adam & Ally

“I won’t be the person I am today without her.

“We became so close, that three months ago, on November 16 2012, we tied the knot.

“As I have used-up all my savings to pay for my hospital bills, and with still having mountains of outstanding bills to clear, we only had a one-table dinner wedding with family members and a couple of very close friends.

“We exchanged vows and wedding bands which cost less than SGD300 for a pair.

“Even though the wedding was very humbly small, and I only managed to give her a plain ring without any diamond, and don’t have any possibility of a honeymoon, Ally told me that she is very contented, and she look forward to continue to care for me and support me for the rest of our lives together.

Their wedding

“Ally, thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. You are more than just my best friend and my wife, you are my everything.

“You are the blessing in disguise that I’ve been searching for all these while.

“Because of the things that you have done for me during my most difficult period of my life, I’m now ‘paying-it-forward’ to help those in need and sharing the blessing that I receive from you with others.”

Credits: Original Love Story from STOMP HERE

I really found the love story really sweet, touching and super inspirational.

This is really love..what Ally has for Adam.

And also, after reading up on this story, I went to read up on Adam and stumbled on his blog.

Adam Kamis

And honestly, I was even more shocked to read up that while he also runs marathons and such, he also a freelance web designer, graphic designer and he also does apparels customization and sales on corporate gifts as you can see on his blog under My Work:


Overall, I am totally impressed with Adam’s story and with him in general. Do check out his love story on STOMP, his blog and personal website and I’m really rooting for him in everything he does!

Gogo Adam, Singapore’s 1 Arm Runner!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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