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Courtesy Please!

Saw this being shared on Facebook just now:

As taken from Facebook

This visually impaired man boarded the bus 52 from clementi stn. As he was making his way to the reserved seats, his walking stick accidentally hit the leg of the PRC lady. To my horror, she PUSHED his stick away instead of standing up to give up her seats to him. She did not just push once but few times. I immediately step forward to tell her that he is visually impaired and request her to give up her seat. Guess what’s her reply?

“I very tired, get someone else”. WOW.

I have no choice but to request another passenger to give up his seat to him, which he did without any excuses. The visually impaired man then asked me a qns, “was that a foreigner?” I replied “yes, PRC.” He then shaked his head..

Well, this is definitely not a post to discriminate PRC. But only to further show how PRCs are different from us especially when comparing with the Singaporeans Chinese.

Yes, We do have ugly singaporeans but……….

Read the rest of the comments from Bao Heng on Facebook.
Not posting the full comments – just in case(;

Oh and did I mention? The Population White Paper has been officially approved. 

Read more about the debate HERE.

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