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Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Plaza Singapura // A Food Review

Before Christmas last year (LOL, one of my most overdue post!), I took half a day off from work to treat my mom to a simple pre-Christmas lunch(: This is because we don’t really have the tradition of celebrating Christmas since it’s just myself and her anyway.

My mom is a pretty traditional Asian mom so the place to eat at has to be non-Western/Japanese so it took me awhile to think of where to treat her for the lunch. Oh, and the reason for treating her to lunch instead of dinner is because nowadays, she’s unable to take a heavy dinner. She won’t be able to enjoy her food if I were to take her out to dinner, so lunch was it!

And back to the topic, yeah, I decided on… Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at Plaza Singapura! That’s because I thought she would prefer Hong Kong food instead of normal Chinese food at Lao Beijing or Crystal Jade.

Those can wait till more special occasions like her birthday ;p

So here’s introducing…

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is a relatively popular Hong Kong Cafe in Singapore and it has about 14 outlets here and even has 2 outlets overseas. Just like it’s name, you can tell what it serves – Hong Kong food! The following are the featured food items on their menu, which coincidentally, are also the street favourite food of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Featured Items

So we were waiting outside for the host to lead us to our table but well, it was a rather long wait as no one really noticed us for quite a bit. A minus point for that.

Waiting at the entrance

Feeling bored, I snapped a couple of photos. Gotta mention that there signboard outside makes the food look super appetizing!

Really appetizing looking display outside
Logo at the back

Finally, we were led to our table and given the menu to browse thru.

Menu Cover
Table Setting – oak finish and basically all earthy colors

Hohoho, my mom looks so serious deciding what she wants to eat!

The mom perusing the menu

So let’s take a look at the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe menu shall we? And as usual, let’s have the pictures do the talking. I’m so lazy. Hehe. But I will say this – the menu is pretty extensive!

Dessert Menu was first
Snacks, Soups and Whatsnots
And of course, they have tim sum!
Very aptly said – What’s a Hong Kong Cafe without Tim Sum?
Tau Ma Ter Chicken Rice & Famous Mongkok Congee
Western food, Hong Kong style and Cheese Baked Rice
Hong Kong Spaghetti and Chicken
Different types of noodles, including dry, soup and hong kong noodles
Bamboo Rice, homemade papaya soup been hoon and hong kong style roasted meat
Fried Rice and Hong Kong chilli noodles
Hong kong curry, vegetables and others
Drinks selection

So, we were quite spoiled for choice, but in the end, we finally made our orders!

Our orders

Our orders came pretty quickly, with our drinks served first. As usual, pictures – do your work!
*Note, no prices this time round because..I forgot HAHA!

My Ice Milo
My mom’s ‘teh’ – Milk Tea

Started off with my Condensed milk and peanut butter thick toast! And nope, she didn’t want Tim Sum and I didn’t feel like eating it either that day XD So I ordered this instead.

My Condensed milk and peanut butter thick toast!
Sinful pleasure

It was all great at first…till my mom refused to help me to eat! ROAR! Then it grew to be a chore cos the peanut butter was SO THICK! Was so afraid I would get a sore throat after I ate everything.

Crazy much of super thick peanut butter

My mom ordered the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe Signature Fried Noodles as she saw the display outside and wanted to try it.

XW Signature Fried Noodles

Wasn’t fantastic unfortunately. WAYYYYYY too salty – said my mom and I! And I asked if she wanted to get something else instead, but she didn’t want to ;/

Mom just eating ~_~ She didn’t really like it >_<! Oh and this is mine

Anyway, for my case, I had the Bamboo Rice with Chinese Sausage and Mushrooms.

Bamboo Rice with Chinese Sausage and Mushrooms
The rice hidden beneath the ingredients

To me, I felt that the rice was rather bland and tasteless. Has to be eaten with the Chinese Sausage to give it a salty taste.

Chinese Sausages

So yeah, imagine, it’s still a tad bland even after mixing all of the ingredients together!


Without the sausages, I just couldn’t finish the rest of the rice. ;/

T_T I ate all the sausages already!

Oh and while I was still finishing my food, I asked for my mom’s dessert of Fresh Almond Cream to be served.

Fresh Almond Cream Dessert

Again, she didn’t have a good review on it as she said it tasted as if it just came out of the packet. Yeah, my mom’s a relatively serious cook in her younger days so she can be rather picky. In my case, I didn’t try it cos..well, I’m even more pickier! I only take certain Chinese desserts ;p

If I remember right, the total bill came up to about $40++ for both of us? I totally forgot to take a photo of the receipt so I can’t remember. Well, on the whole, we didn’t really have a great experience at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. The food is mediocre, service is well – average and we didn’t really enjoy the food there. So yes, you won’t see me gushing over Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe any time soon.

And will give it a pass in the future.
Much prefer Kim Gary Hong Kong Cafe instead(:

Thanks for reading!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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