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Changes to GlamPuss

So today marks the official 1 week and 1 day since I launched my first GlamPuss collection. And yes, sadly I have to say that I still have not made any sales. I’ve tried all sorts of methods:

1. 17% off sales
2. Black Friday 30% off sales
3. Posting my collection at all the various blogshop advertising platforms
4. Paying for Facebook advertisements

On Saturday, I was complaining to the boyfriend about this problem because I really just couldn’t figure out why some shops can be so successful while for my case, I’m not. Most of my impatience is fueled because:

1) I am a naturally impatient person. I like to see instant results, and I hate to wait.

I know it’s not a good thing and I’m working on that.

Success doesn’t come overnight, well except for the lucky few.

But for me, I know that I need to work hard in order to achieve success. That’s why I’m trying to distract myself with my DIY projects, but atm, I’m running low on materials. Just placed a HUGE order to my supplier – just for them. Unfortunately, it’s gonna take awhile for them to reach here in Singapore.

2) I’ve been using 2 particular shops as a benchmark for GlamPuss
Unfortunately, it just irks and fuels my irritation/impatience when I see them doing so well! And I suspect that they are using the same supplier as I am, because the items are so similar. But that is NOT the worst thing. So what’s worst? People actually are interested and have purchased from them! ARGH why not me? What is the MAIN ingredient that I’m missing?

It’s not like they are dirt cheap! NO! In fact, for example, the ring costs $12 bucks! If I brought it in, I would be selling it for $6.70. Moreover, it’s not like that they have been in the business for long, it’s only been like 3 months or less, but they have almost hit 1000 likes on Facebook! Moreover, the only marketing strategy that they use is Facebook advertisement which surprisingly works for them. I’ve tried it too, but blehhh.

Okay, enough ranting. I just had to get it off my chest. No worries, I feel much better and am more focused. As of now, I’ve decided to make some changes to GlamPuss – which aren’t BIG changes, just some tweaks to improve, hopefully. Plus they are based on feedback that I received from asking my friends and just my own personal thoughts.

1) Postage charges reduced to $1.00 instead of $1.50
2) Will be absorbing the 5% processing fee for Paypal
3) Some prices were tweaked a little

So what do you think of the changes? If you have any other advice, comments or encouragement, feel free leave a comment below(:

Oh and I do want to announce that my GlamPuss Collection 2 preview will be up tomorrow on Facebook. Finally going to be launching my handcrafted jewelry so I’m pretty excited for it!

Preview up soon(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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