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WFH Diaries (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 5 (Day 539): Pumpkin Spice Season is Here x Han Dian TCM (Day 3) – 1 Oct 2021

wfh diaries pumpkin spice season

Wow! Did time just fly and it’s already the 1st of October!! We’re indeed, down to the final 3 months to the end of 2021 huh. :/ Well, first thing to do is to check my weight after two days of my slimming treatment at Han Dian TCM and mm, I think my weight has …

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Guess your favourite One Piece Character Nationalities! | Hint: Only 1 of them is Japanese!

Have you ever wondered about the nationalities of your favourite One Piece characters? Well, if you didn’t know, this answer has already been answered!Oh and here’s a hint, only ONE of them is Japanese! :O Guess your favourite One Piece Character Nationalities!  Fan Question: Nice to meet you Oda Sensei. I have a question. If One …