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8PM-Runway | Stylish and Comfortable Fashion at Affordable Prices!

Advertorial & Review Ahh~ I can’t get enough of online shopping can you? Hehe, so anyway, today I’m here to share with you a relatively new blogshop called…8PM Runway! About 8pm-Runway 8pm-runway aims to bring you stylish and comfortable fashion at affordable prices. Whether you want to look smart for work, casual for the weekends, …

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GIVEAWAY // GlamPuss C15: Hello, Kitty! is LAUNCHED!

GIVEAWAY: GlamPuss C15: Hello, Kitty! SHOP: http://www.shopglampuss.com/new-arrivals.html Featured Items from GlamPuss C15: Hello, Kitty: SHOP: http://www.shopglampuss.com/new-arrivals.html SHOP: http://www.shopglampuss.com/new-arrivals.html Till later, ♥ mitsueki

All Advertorials, All Reviews, Fashion Reviews, Sponsored

Chip-Hip.Com (Apparels) // Advertorial & Review

Do you still remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted an advertorial for Chip-Hip.com? So just to recap: Chip-Hip.com is an online apparel shop started in December 2012 by a lovely couple, Rachel & Xavier, with the goal of providing customers – Fashion At Wholesale Prices with new apparels launched every one or two weeks. Well, recently the kind folks over at …