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Friday the Blessed 13th – 13 Dec 2019

13/12 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

You would normally associate Friday the 13th with everything unlucky and the like, but y’know what?

The last Friday 13th of 2019 was a great one for me!

First up, of course it’s back to the usual workweek but heyyy it’s Friday after all!

Headed out to run some errands during lunch – including:

Popping by the library to pick up some new books.

Trying this new cai png place! $4.30 for this is pretty expensive, so I’m gonna stick back with my usual instead!

Satisfying my craving for fried chicken cutlet ($1.90) from ironically, Tip Top Curry Puffs as the original one I wanted from Devil’s Chicken was a little too expensive/big ($7.90). Don’t forget that I bought my caipng as well!

I also had time to check out the usual food fair/bazaar over at Tampines but sadly, I thought the food options this time were pretty meh compared as they were pretty much the usual ol’ stalls, or if not, the majority were all Thai food.

Here’s sharing a cheap fruit tip at Tampines if you never knew – you can get two sliced fruits for a mere $1 and this includes premium choices such as red dragon fruit/rockmelon as well!

It was also Wellness Day in the office on this day and we had this yummy Kagome packet juice! Am always excited/looking forward to them every week as you never know what you might get!

Random, so I was doing my work halfway and noticed some movement at the side of my eye.

Yep, my colleagues were having a spot of fun with the absence of QM by wrapping up his entire work desk/space in (used) paper.

Nothing was spared – not the chair, not even the wheels.

That playful glee on my colleague’s face though HAHAHHA. Hilarious.

Christmas definitely came early for QM. Merry Christmas hahahahha.

The #After6pm Life

Meanwhile, the #after6pm life begins after work and this time – it’s yet another Christmas gathering with the #kcladies!

Nakhon Kitchen was the original dinner spot but the queue was insane + no reservations allowed.

In the end, we ended up at Two Hanas next door instead.

Unfortunately, the food here was pretty mehs, small and expensive whereby some of the food feels/tastes microwaved. I wouldn’t really recommend a visit tbh.

The bright spot of this night was to head over to Sarah’s place for a quick Christmas exchange with the girls.

Always blessed to have her to open up her home to us, and it’s as usual a good time hanging out.

Thanks all for the lovely lovely Christmas presents as well. It’s a true blessing to have these girls in my life ♥️

Random nonsensical shots to end off the night on an early note as we said our goodbyes.

Can’t wait for the next already 🙂

Meanwhile, it’s time to head home as well to do some packing for my upcoming flight tomorrow evening/night!

So so excited!

Check back again tomorrow at 12.28pm GMT+8 for your usual daily post!


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