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Nothing is permanent except you

I’ve always been dependent on people and things all my life and I was happy to do so in my little bubble of happiness. Until one day, I realized – nothing is permanent in life.

The stark reality is people as well as things come and they go – friends, family, jobs, money, homes anything. The world that you once knew can come crashing down and what’s left is just you alone. Often, you will slowly realize that only YOU can help yourself when that happens.

Regardless, I know I am still relatively blessed and I am thankful for what I have now. Still, a niggering sense of insecurity I have nags at me within two areas of my life:

  • Emotional dependency
  • Financial dependency

Am in the works on working on them now. Baby steps but I am learning everyday(:

I know it’s a slightly demoralizing way to look at life but .. you really never know what life will throw at you tomorrow or the next.

The best way is to be prepared for anything – just in case. So when anything happens, you will not break. Instead, you can look at it in the eye, smile and say: “I am ready. Bring it on!”

Build up that independence and inner strength in you. Learn to be a fighter.

I’m one – are you?

Written on 17 October 2017, published today

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