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Snack Review | Milo Energy Cubes

One of the latest new trending snacks will be this packet of Milo Energy Cubes – only available from Dubai/African countries according to sources. And of course, I couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon to try it for myself and I bought a super super overpriced packet off Airfrov (use code “MITSU” for a $10 code for 1st time users) just to try!

The Look

Each packet consists of a number of these mini Milo Energy Cubes and I bought the 100 pieces packet as I planned to giveaway some for my upcoming mitsueki’s Blog giveaway (:

Unwrapping the Milo Energy Cube to reveal the contents as below before popping into my mouth. Don’t try to bite as the milo cube is HARD (unlike the Milo nugget)! Yes, I tried as I wanted to see the cross section but lol.

The Taste

It’s abit powdery and hard, resorted to sucking on it like a sweet before it got softened enough for me to bite through it. Tastes like you are eating a milo cookie/chocolate literally. Not bad but I don’t get the hype though 😂😂

Nestle Singapore said that due to the demand, they might be bringing it to Singapore though!(: However, if you want to try it soon – just get it from Airfrov (use code “MITSU” for a $10 code for 1st time users) or Qoo10!(:


  • Found in Singapore? No. Only Arab countries for now
  • Taste? Okay
  • Will I re-purchase/purchase? Maybe, if it’s cheap

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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6 Comments on “Snack Review | Milo Energy Cubes

  1. Hi Mitsueki, thanks for the review on Milo cubes. Qoo10 now has Milo cubes on offfer for $21.90, which sounds like a better deal than Airfrov.

  2. I saw the cubes available at for those who want to try! Qoo10 must buy on timesale then worth it.

  3. if you’re really like milo drinks and so. Then this might be the one for you.

    The milo cube is rather small in size but packed with vitamins.

    Yes it has 100 cubes which you may just take any time or any where.

    Taste: if you like Milo “KAW” it taste similar.

    Kids love them more than junk food.

    Should try it.

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