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10 Useful Travel Essentials for LESS than $2!

As an avid traveller, I’m always on the lookout for affordable and useful travel essentials to add on to my trip as sometimes these can help make your life easier when abroad or while you’re packing!

I usually get most of my small travel essentials from Daiso as they are priced at $2 but now.. I realized that I can turn to another site to get my travel essentials for LESS THAN $2 EACH called ShopinSEA! Best of all.. I even have a discount code that you can use to get a whooping 12% off your entire cart => “MITSUEKI12” (min $30)! CRAZY!!

10 Useful Travel Essentials for LESS than $2!

Here are 10 Useful Travel Essentials you can get for under $2 from ShopinSEA!

#1 Cute Prints Numeric Lock – $1.20

Each piece at Daiso goes for $2 but I got mine at $1.20 from ShopinSEA! Useful for securing your luggage especially your hand carry! I always make sure I have at least 2 or 3 extra locks in my main luggage just in case.

#2 Portable Refillable Small Cosmetic Vials – 70 cents for 2 vials

Portable containers like these are useful for putting all your liquids (I put my toothpaste and facial foam) especially if you don’t plan to bring the entire container with you on your trip. You can also use these vials to store your SIM Card safely too (:

Okay I’m quite wasteful as I usually leave my emptied containers back at the hotel or throw them after my trip as I’m too lazy to wash them. Hence I’m always replacing them with new ones from Daiso! But you can get 4 of these for $1.40 (2 vials for 70 cents!) from ShopinSEA!

#3 Safebet Waterproof Phone Pouch – S$2.00

If you’re planning to do any water sports activities, pick up a Safebet Waterproof Phone Pouch! It even comes with a sling to loop around your neck so it won’t fall off! $2 for this? I’m sold!

#4 Water Resistant Travel Storage Bags – $0.70 each!

You never want anything in your luggage to get wet! Keep your items dry with these water resistant travel storage bags. Only 70 cents each from ShopinSEA!

#5 6 Grid Transparent Waterproof Storage – $1.30

If you like to organise your underwear everyday.. pick up this 6 Grid waterproof storage pouch! Buy more if your trip is more than 6 days, it’s only.. $1.30 anyway!

#6 Cute Bear Laundry Net – $1.80

I like to do my laundry overseas especially if my Airbnb apartment has a laundry machine. That’s when this laundry net comes in handy! Other than using it as a laundry net, it’s so cute that I’m planning to use it to store my other items! $1.80 for such cuteness..MUST BUY!

#7 Cartoon Luggage Tag – $0.70 each!

Always tag your luggage bags with visible or more unique/cute luggage tags so that you can spot them easily when you collect them off the luggage conveyor belt after your flight. At only 70 cents each from ShopinSEA, this is a bargain!

#8 Safebet Travel Disposable Pillowcase – $1.00

I don’t know about you but I can be quite anal about sleeping on dirty pillowcases! This is when I spotted this travel disposable pillowcase and I immediately bought it! $1 for a peace of mind when I’m sleeping? Why not?!

#9 & #10 Toothbrush Waterproof Travel Essential Set – $0.80 + Clear Plastic Pocket Pouch – $1.10

The toothbrush essential set can store my toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste easily! I also like carrying clear plastic pouches overseas as I can place all my medicine/makeup and liquid items so that customs can check your bag easily!(:

ShopInSEA = Verified CHEAP!

Anyway, here’s sharing other assorted items that I bought from ShopInSEA because they were so cheap~~

Just sharing – I managed to get ALL of the above items PLUS doorstep delivery for S$30 at ShopInSEA! INSANELY CHEAP! 

Plus I did mention that I even have a discount code “MITSUEKI12” (min $30 value) that you can use to get an EXTRA 12% off at ShopInSEA! Woah that bargain huntress in me is like going crazy as I’m getting so much value for the price paid!

#cheapskatediaries APPROVED!

Note: Credits were sponsored for my shopping at ShopInSEA but all opinions are my own. And seriously speaking, it’s REALLY CHEAP!!

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