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SCS Butter Pineapple Tarts Baking Workshop!

Recently, I attended the SCS Butter Pineapple Tarts Baking Workshop with the bf. It seemed like a pretty fun and educating baking session so I was pretty excited to attend!


Held at Chantilly Culinary Studio, all the equipments and basic baking items were already prepped and ready for us!

02-DSC07183 03-DSC07184 04-DSC07185 05-DSC07186

Random selfie!


For the session, before we started hands on, we had the owner of Chantilly Baking Studio, Cecilia to go through the steps with us first. The first portion involved making the pineapple paste and the dough.

07-DSC07190 08-DSC07191

Wow, did you know that you could add in cloves / cinnamon stick / star naise / etc to your paste to make it even more tastier?

09-DSC07192 10-DSC07196 11-DSC07197 12-DSC07198 13-DSC07199

And you can add all these ingredients into the flour to make your very own unique pineapple tart flavors.

14-DSC07200  16-DSC07203

And next up of course, we had to follow the instructions and started doing the prep work for the baking of the pineapple tarts.


Cooking the pineapple paste! It was already precooked at first for like 8 hours or so and we just needed to do the finishing touches to make sure that it’s cooked and of course, add in any additional ingredients as we wished. It took about 30 – 45 minutes before it was ready to be removed from the pot to cool for 30 minutes.


Meanwhile, the other person would do the pastry. Sifting, mixing and all that before cling wrapping it.


Here’s our completed paste and pastry by the bf and I (left and right!)


The next part of the lesson was cutting the pastry and make it ready for baking. Plenty of tools for use and seriously, you can use anything!

15-DSC0720222-DSC07210 23-DSC07211 24-DSC07213 25-DSC07214 26-DSC07215 27-DSC07217 28-DSC07218 29-DSC07220 30-DSC07221 31-DSC07222 32-DSC07223 33-DSC07224

Super super cute huh?(:


And now it was time for us to try! This is my pastry – I added cocoa powder and peanuts for mine(:


The bf hard at work making his pastry!


And this is his tuxedo penguin with chocolate pineapple paste!


And mine in assorted shapes :X


Just sharing the works from the other bloggers – really loved how theirs turned out!

44-DSC07239 45-DSC07240 46-DSC0724139-DSC07233

Ours wasn’t too fancy but I think taste-wise it’s okay :X

40-DSC07235 41-DSC07236

Thanks SCS Butter for this fun baking opportunity with the bf! It was quite an entertaining session that afternoon and I definitely picked up a lot of pineapple baking tips that will definitely be useful if I do decide to bake them for CNY next year :X


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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