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@mitsueki | 10 Things About Myself

Happy Mid Week everyone!

Was recently tagged by @ruthneedsmoney on Instagram to share 10 Things About Myself and here it is. Do note that it’s a reallllllyyyyy long one! At the same time, this post will mark my 888th post on Instagram!

mitsueki | 10 Things About Myself

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1. Mitsueki is my online moniker while my real name is Daphne! But, you can call me Daph or Daphy! Hehe and yes I have thought of including this name officially before but let’s see how it goes!

2. The most important things to me in life will be my family and friends. There’s just me and my mom, the bf and all the friends who have put up with my weird antics and behaviors – you know who you are! Love you all so much though I know I don’t express it often (:

3. I’m actually really shy and super socially awkward in real life and I’m really bad at meeting new people. Did I mention that I can’t remember faces or names well? That’s why sometimes I seem quite standoffish to people at times but in actual fact, I really want to be more social! So please talk to me first because I probably won’t dare to approach you, hehe. And this is also why I’m always never alone at events, I rather skip it if I don’t have/can’t bring a plus one to help boost my self confidence. This is also another reason to be thankful for social media and the Internet!

4. I used to have short hair till I started poly, not because I liked it (I HATED IT) but because my mom made me cut my hair and my hairdresser was afraid of me becos I would cry every time I’m there. And that’s why I will probably not want to cut my hair ever! On the same note – I also hate the dentist because the one back in sec school was so rough and painful

5. Recently got bitten by the travel bug since my month long trip (for school) to the States back in 2012 and the wanderlust in me keeps rearing up in me every now and then. That’s why I plan to travel twice a year – 1 long trip (1 week) + multiple short getaways at the very least. Ironically, I’m quite scared of taking planes HAHAHAHA! Hehe, open to travel sponsorship of any kind (flight / accommodation / tour) and staycations –> Mail me #BUEYPAISAYTOASK

6. Used to hate shopping last time too but now…I love shopping (especially online) and am always on the look out for bargains and sales! Again, ironically – I don’t really bargain much with sellers in real life, lol

7. I’ve been undergoing slimming treatments and am on a diet since early this year as I was slightly overweight for my height. To date, I’ve lost about 8 – 9 kg so that has given me the confidence to take full length shots to post on IG. All the lovely compliments from all my IG friends have really made me super happy as well btw (: You can read about my slimming journey with Han Dian TCM –> HERE

8. Have really bad hereditary dark eye circles and I rather die than to go out makeup free without applying at least concealer. My glasses help partly to conceal them too! Mm.. Have toyed with the idea of surgery to permanently correct it but it’s too scary to think about it, so I guess I’ll live with my panda eyes forever 🙁

9. I used to be an avid gamer and I could literally spend the whole day doing nothing but play games such as Dota at home with my team. That’s why I didn’t like to go out and socialize much when I could do it online! Officially stopped such hard core gaming when I started blogging because I found that the latter was more meaningful and fulfilling in life. But nope, if you were wondering – I only blog part time as I hold a full time office job

10. I’m freaking long winded as you can tell from this post itself


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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